The Reading Project

I started this a few years ago with the goal of kick starting a reading habit. When I document what I’ve read, it has a huge impact on my output. I had twins in 2018 so behind on my summaries but still reading a ton.


The New New Thing- Michael Lewis


Lost Connections-

Meditations- Marcus Aurelious

The Psychology of Money- Morgan Housel

The Innovator’s Dilemma- Clayton Christensen

12 Rules of Life- Jordan Petterson

Measure What Matters- John Doer

Socrates in 90 Minutes- ??????

Thinking in Bets- Annie Duke


Good to Great- Jim Collins

Multipliers- Sue Wiseman

First, we make the beast beautiful- Sarah Wilson

The Richest Man in Babylon- George Samuel Classon

When breathe becomes air- Paul Kalanthi

The man who solved the market- Gregory Zuckerman

Open- Andre Agassi

Organized Mind- Daniel J Levitin

The Highly Sensitive Person

Leadership Lessons from Sports- Harvard Business Review

Managing Yourself- Harvard Business Review


Sapiens- Yuval Noah Harari

Atomic Habits– James Clear

The Happiness Advantage– Shawn Anchor

The Last Lecture– Randy Pausch

Range– David Epstein

Educated– Tara Westover

The Making of a Manager- Julie Zhuo

The 4hour Chef- Tim Ferris

Drive- Dan Pink

Meditations- Marcus Aurelius

High Output Management- Andrew Groves


Tribe of Mentors- Tim Ferries

Thinking Fast, and Slow- Daniel Kahneman

Insight- Tasha Eurich

Tipping Point– Malcolm Gladwell

Predictable Revenue– Aaron Ross

The Science of Selling– David Hoffeld


Tools of Titans– Tim Ferris

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck– Mark Manson

Rich Dad, Poor Dad- Robert T. Kiyosaki

Liar’s Poker- Michael Lewis

The War of Art– Steven Pressfield

More Than Cashflow– Julie Broad

The Lean Startup– Eric Ries

Shoe Dog- Phil Knight

Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons- Ben Hogan

Things a little bird told me- Biz Stone

How will you measure your life- Clayton Christensen

The Checklist Manifesto- Atul Gawande

Originals– Adam Grant

Predictive Analytics– Eric Siegel

Zero to One– Peter Thiel

Storytelling with data– Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic

The $100 Startup– Chris Guillebeau

Grit– Angela Duckworth

The Alchemist- Paulo Coelho

Crossing the Chasm- Geoffrey A. Moore

The Challenger Sale– Matthew Dixon & Brent Adamson

Pitch Anything– Oren Klaff

The New Father– Armin Brott


Outliers- Malcolm Gladwell

Start with Why- Simon Sinek

Give and Take- Adam Grant