The Reading Project

I love to read. More so to learn vs entertainment. Sometimes I write about the books I’ve read, often times I don’t.


Re-think- Adam Grant (meh)

Bird by Bird- Ann Lamott (Loved it)

7 Powers- Foundations of Business Strategy-

Ego is the Enemy- Ryan Holiday (Loved it)

Blue Ocean Strategy- Renée Montborgne & W. Chan Kim (Loved it)

4000 Weeks- Oliver Burkeman (Loved it)

The Obstacles is the Enemy- Ryan Holiday

The Power of Now- Ekhart Tolle (Meh)

Mastery- Robert Greene (Loved it)

Inspired- Marty Cagan (Decent)

Built to Last- Jim Collins (Decent)

Soundtracks- Jon Acuff (Disliked it)


The New New Thing- Michael Lewis (Decent)

The Old Man and The Sea- Ernest Hemingway (Decent)

Never Split the Difference- Chris Voss (like it)

Better Together- Simon Sinek (Meh)

Superforecasting- Dan Gardner & Philip Tetlock (Liked it)

Lost Connections- Johann Hari (Meh)

Essentialism- Greg McKeown (Liked it)

Meditations- Marcus Aurelious (Liked it)

The Psychology of Money- Morgan Housel (Loved it)

The Innovator’s Dilemma- Clayton Christensen (Decent)

12 Rules of Life- Jordan Petterson (Disliked it)

Measure What Matters- John Doer (Liked it)

Socrates in 90 Minutes- Paul Strathem (Liked it)

Thinking in Bets- Annie Duke (Liked it)


Good to Great- Jim Collins (Loved it)

Ernest Hemingway on Writing- Larry W. Phillips

Multipliers- Sue Wiseman

First, we make the beast beautiful- Sarah Wilson (Liked it)

The Richest Man in Babylon- George Samuel Classon

When breathe becomes air- Paul Kalanthi (Loved it)

The man who solved the market- Gregory Zuckerman (Loved it)

Open- Andre Agassi (Decent)

Organized Mind- Daniel J Levitin

The Highly Sensitive Person

Leadership Lessons from Sports- Harvard Business Review (liked it)

Managing Yourself- Harvard Business Review


Sapiens- Yuval Noah Harari

Atomic Habits– James Clear (Loved it)

The Happiness Advantage– Shawn Anchor (Liked it)

The Last Lecture– Randy Pausch (Loved it)

Range– David Epstein (Loved it)

Educated– Tara Westover (Loved it)

The Making of a Manager- Julie Zhuo

The 4hour Chef- Tim Ferris

Drive- Dan Pink

Meditations- Marcus Aurelius

High Output Management- Andrew Groves (Liked it)


Tribe of Mentors- Tim Ferries (Liked it)

Thinking Fast, and Slow- Daniel Kahneman

Insight- Tasha Eurich

Tipping Point– Malcolm Gladwell (Liked it)

Predictable Revenue– Aaron Ross (Meh)

The Science of Selling– David Hoffeld (Meh)


Tools of Titans– Tim Ferris (Liked it)

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck– Mark Manson (Decent)

Rich Dad, Poor Dad- Robert T. Kiyosaki

Liar’s Poker- Michael Lewis

The War of Art– Steven Pressfield

More Than Cashflow– Julie Broad

The Lean Startup– Eric Ries (Loved it)

Shoe Dog- Phil Knight (Loved it)

Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons- Ben Hogan (Liked it)

Things a little bird told me- Biz Stone (Meh)

How will you measure your life- Clayton Christensen

The Checklist Manifesto- Atul Gawande

Originals– Adam Grant

Predictive Analytics– Eric Siegel

Zero to One– Peter Thiel (Liked it)

Storytelling with data– Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic

The $100 Startup– Chris Guillebeau

Grit– Angela Duckworth

The Alchemist- Paulo Coelho

Crossing the Chasm- Geoffrey A. Moore

The Challenger Sale– Matthew Dixon & Brent Adamson

Pitch Anything– Oren Klaff (Meh)

The New Father– Armin Brott


Outliers- Malcolm Gladwell

Start with Why- Simon Sinek

Give and Take- Adam Grant