Nice was where we started our European adventure. We knew we where going to be jet lagged so we the laid back vibe was appealing ahead of busy Rome.


The weather in Nice is beautiful (were travelled late April). I even got sunburn the first few days. My pale Canadian skin wasn’t ready for the Mediterranean sunshine.

We stayed in the heart of old town. A very popular and unique neighbourhood full of restaurants and cafes.


The main promenade is a market every single day. Flowers, antiques and local merchants engulf the area during the day.  This neighborhood is also only steps from the beach and the famous promenade.

The beach is unique in that it has no sand. It’s made up of flat stones which warm from the sun but are quite uncomfortable.


The only time we used Uber was to and from the airport. We rented bikes so we could check out the other side of the city. It only took about 30 minutes or so to get to the airport along the beach line. Actually figuring out who to rent the damn things probably took us 45 minutes!

Castle Hill is a cool climb. It looks out upon the Mediterranean and has spectacular views. It was once used as a lookout for some king.


We had some of the most amazing food we’ve ever had. Fantastic restaurants everywhere but also a lot of tourist traps. Luckily we only got caught once. We loved Nice and are really glad we chose it to start our trip.

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