Portugal was the first country I visited after I decided to make travel a priority in my life. It was also a delayed honey moon as my wedding was the previous summer. This was the first time we would be traveling where we had planned everything.

We booked a private driver to take us from the airport to our first destination which was Ericeira. It was a small coastal town with spectacular views. The only reason we came was because of a reggae festival happening a next day. John Butler Trio was playing and we though it was a cool side trip to start our trip. We loved it and may be our favorite place of the whole trip.

Next was Lisbon which was definitely a busy city. It was also during the World Cup so people from all over where celebrating and watching soccer. The whole city square was shutdown to watch on a massive TV screen. You can drink anywhere so they were selling beer right in the square. Lisbon is amazing but it takes a little getting used too. I was offered every drug in the world every 30 minutes, not kidding. The dealers would come inside restaurants to show you what they had. I clearly looked like a tourist which was there target.

Next we travelled to Lagos for the final leg of our trip. Awesome beaches but it was windy so the weather was weird. We did the grotto tour which was cool. We ate at so many cool restaurants and even got an artist to paint us something right in front of us.

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