Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit- Reunions

I hear Mark Knopfler in the tone of this album. Another smashing record from Isbell and crew.

Son Little- Aloha

I have no idea why Son Little is not bigger. The soul, gospel, hip hop vibe is amazing. This album is fantastic.

Taylor Swift- Folklore & Evermore

T Swift is amazing. It took me a while to realize how talented she is. Incredible song writer. I loved both albums which to me was just one really long one.

Markus King- El Dorado

Silky smooth voice with guitar chops to back it up. Great blues album.

Early James- Singing for Supper

Something about this guys voice. It hit me right away the first time I heard it. Very old school sound.

Bahamas- Sad Hunk

The type of music and musician that grows on you. I rarely like right away but the more I listen, the more I love.

Mac Miller- Circles

I only stumbled on Mac Miller after he died. I love the vibe of this album and his style. RIP.

Ray LaMontagne- Monovision

Classic Ray. Just a lovely album.

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