Barbados is a beautiful rum flavoured paradise.

My wife and I travelled with another couple in March 2016. We had a fabulous time enjoying all the island has to offer. We rented a beach house in Fitts Village which is about 15 minutes North of Bridgetown. It’s what most describe as the “Platinum Coast”.

The beach house was incredible as we had our very own snorkeling haven outside our doorstep. It was the best snorkeling I’ve ever experienced. Insane schools of fish and I spent hours on end in the water. Our little beach was a hot bed of turtle activity. You could even feed them right from the beach. They are extremely fast so it’s hard to keep up with them when they take off. The picture below is from our deck and overlooks where we would snorkel.


We rented a car so we had the ability to explore each coast. The North was very rocky and reminded us a little like Fundy Park. The East was extremely winding and had great was for surfing. Driving is an experience in itself!


We hired a Catamaran to take us around the West Coast of the island. This is a must do and they spoil you to death. It was funny because where they took us to see turtles, was right outside out beach house. We also got to check a ship wreck but much preferred snorking solo than with a crowd.


Barbados is a fun, safe island with a variety of activities for anyone. Rum is cheap and the weather is perfect. I’d go back in a heartbeat.



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