We bought all older house a few years ago and have been slowly renovating it one room at a time.

We got to the point were we jut couldn’t handle our Master bedroom any longer. It had old pink carpet, shity fake gold fan and sheer curtains.  It was overall a terrible room. Below is a shot of the hideous space after we cleared most of the furniture etc.


Closets before…

The bed was also a terrible piece of crap so I decided to build one for the dimensions we needed.

I wasn’t great at documenting my progress but below is how I built the headboard. You’ll see the completed bed a few pics below.

Removing the old carpet was absolutely brutal. It had this other super glued felt type under pad that was almost the end of me.

Painting was the first step of the rebuild. We used a colour called Artic Grey

Next was the flooring. We went with laminant for a few reasons. Our two other bedrooms have the same flooring and our only wood floor has been destroyed by our duck toller. Cost doesn’t hurt either.

We also figured we might as well update the closet to give us a bit more room.

Shot of the finished bed from above. Fan was also replaced.


We used cheap crate boxes for side tables. We wanted more room on the floor and just painted the ones we found. Rug was a major piece and expense.


Not a major upgrade but definitely a huge change for us. We now love being in our Master were before we hated it.




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