Insight by Tasha Eurich is an interesting book. The writing style wasn’t my fave but definitely made me look at myself in a different light.
The main idea is about being more self-aware and questioning how you think others may see you. By having a clear sense of self, it clarifies what to work on and leads to more success in work and in life.
One of the ideas I really liked was having someone at work who will tell you the truth, no matter what and can provide a monthly check up. Someone who can answer questions like ‘What about me bothers people the most?’ or ‘When co workers think of me, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?’.
Having a direct feedback loop can provide you with valuable insights to make you a better professional and person. I’ve always been a proponent of the truth and have gotten myself into trouble because of it but I truly believe it’s the only way.
Eurich offers a pile of great exercises and resources. I did one of the personality test. The results were not all that surprising to me but interesting none the less. You can do the test here.
Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 1.10.22 PM

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