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QMJHL- Updated Rankings

Posted on March 5, 2012 by Derek LeBlanc

Here are the updated QMJHL rankings for the upcoming 2012 NHL draft.  My midterm January rankings can be found here.  Because I haven’t seen every player equally, these rankings will be ever evolving.  I’ll be updating every month or so and I’m sure my final rankings will be quite different.  I’m really looking forward to the playoffs and hoping for some surprise performances along the way.


Hot & Cold-

▪   Mikhail Grigorenko- 21 points in last 16 games

▪   Christopher Clapperton- 20 points in last 16 games

▪   Sven Andrighetto- 19 points in last 16 games


▪   Raphael Bussieres- 2 points in last 16 games

▪   James Melindy- 2 points in last 16 games

▪   Luca Ciampini- 3 points in last 16 games


Updated Rankings- (Jan Rank)

Rank Player Team Postion
1 (1) Mikhail Grigorenko Quebec C
2 (2) Martin Frk Halifax RW
3 (4) Charles Hudon Baie-Comeau LW
4 (3) Raphael Bussières Chicoutimi LW
5 (5) Ryan Culkin Quebec D
6 (6) Matej Beran PEI C
7 (7) Taylor Burke Gatineau RW
8 (9) Tomas Hyka Gatineau RW
9 (13) Andrew Ryan Halifax LW
10 (8) Dillon Fournier Rouyn-Noranda D
11 (11) Francis Beauvillier Rimouski C
12 (12) Justin Haché Shawinigan D
13 (14) Christophe Lalancette Acadie-Bathurst RW
14 (10) James Melindy Moncton D
15 (19) Anton Zlobin Shawinigan LW
16 (16) Liam O’Brien Rimouski Oceanic C
17 (15) Raphael Couriveau Quebec RW
18 (24) Vladivlav Shalimov Val d’Or LW
19 (NR)       Sven       Andrighetto Rouyn Noranda RW
20 (25) Christopher Clapperton Blainville-Boisbriand LW
21 (23) Denis Kamaev Rouyn-Noranda RW
22 (17) Dominic Poulin Chicoutimi D
23 (18) Frederic Gamelin Baie-Comeau C
24 (21) Lioc Leduc Cape Breton D
25 (22) Luca Ciampini Halifax LW


1 (2)  Etienne Marcoux                              Blainville-Boisbriand G
2 (1) Francois Tremblay                                      Val d’Or G
3 (3) Brandon Whitney                                      Victoriaville G
4 (4) Francois Brassard                                        Quebec G
5 (NR) Roman Will                                        Moncton G












QMJHL- Falling or Flying

Posted on February 24, 2012 by Derek LeBlanc

Consistency and competiveness.  Certain characteristics can differentiate a draft bust from a draft steal.  Every player taken in the first round will have a lot of skill, but only a few of them will become impact players in the NHL.  Determining a player’s mental drive or passion can be a difficult thing to do, and scouts do everything they can to get all the dirt about a player.


TSN recently had an article about the risers and fallers in this year’s NHL draft class.   Top QMJHL prospect, Mikail Grigorenko, was one of the players that was considered a “faller” and a few scouts had less than stellar things to say about the big Russian.


“He’s a dog. Take a look at what games Grigorenko gets his points. He gets a handful the other night against PEI. none at Moncton, and one assist (in the nationally televised game) in Saint John.  A couple of weeks ago in Rimouski he’s minus 6. He scares the (crap) out of me.” (TSN)


After reading the article, I was curious about how Grigorenko was performing against the top teams in the league compared to the worse.  I broke down Grigorenko’s stats against the top three teams and against the bottom three teams in the QMJHL.  Statistically speaking, his point production is pretty consistent but his plus minus drops big time against the top end of the league.


Take a look for yourself……



QMJHL Standings (Feb.23rd/2012)

1 x * – Shawinigan, Cataractes 59 40 12 3 4 87
2 x * – Saint John, Sea Dogs 58 42 14 0 2 86
3 x * – Blainville-Boisbriand, Armada 58 33 21 2 2 70
4 x Québec, Remparts 58 36 15 5 2 79
5 x Victoriaville, Tigres 58 37 17 1 3 78
6 x Rimouski, Océanic 60 36 23 1 0 73
7 x Halifax, Mooseheads 58 33 19 2 4 72
8 x Chicoutimi, Saguenéens 58 29 20 3 6 67
9 x Moncton, Wildcats 57 27 25 3 2 59
10 x Acadie-Bathurst, Titan 59 27 27 2 3 59
11 x Baie-Comeau, Drakkar 57 27 26 1 3 58
12 Drummondville, Voltigeurs 58 24 26 2 6 56
13 Gatineau, Olympiques 57 23 25 4 5 55
14 Val-d’Or, Foreurs 59 24 30 0 5 53
15 Cape Breton, Screaming Eagles 58 21 34 1 2 45
16 Rouyn-Noranda, Huskies 58 18 34 3 3 42
17 P.E.I., Rocket 58 17 37 2 2 38



Against Top 3 Teams:  (SJ, SHA & BLB)

Game G A Pts +/- SOG S PIM PP SH FG GW
BLB @ Que       -1   3          
Que @ BLB   2 2 1 3 4          
Sha @ Que 1 1 2 -1 2 3   1      
Que @ Sha   1 1 -1 2 3          
Que @ Sha           2          
Que @ SNB       -2   3          
Sha @ Que 1 1 2 -1 4 4          
Que @ Sha 1 1 2 -2 2 4          
Que @ BLB   1 1   2 4          
SNB @ Que 3   3 2 3 4   1   1 1
Total 10 6 7 13 -5 18 34 0 2 0 1 1



Against Bottom 3 Teams:  (CB, ROU & PEI)

Game G A Pts +/- SOG S PIM PP SH FG GW
Que @ Cap   1 1 1 1 1          
Que @ PEI   1 1     1          
Rou @ Que   1 1 1   4          
PEI @ Que 1 1 2 2 1 4          
Que @ SNB   1 1 -1 1 1          
Que @ PEI 1 1 2 2 2 2       1 1
Rou @ Que   1 1   1 3          
Que @ Rou 1 1 2 3 3 3          
Total 8 3 8 11 8 9 19 0 0 0 1 1


















QMJHL- Scoring Title Mentality

Posted on February 16, 2012 by Derek LeBlanc

Everyone loves stats.  They help paint a picture of a player’s performance and provide quantifiable numbers to help determine the value of a player.  One problem, they only tell part of the story.  There are so many instances in a game that never show up on the score sheet.  A diving play to break up a two on one, running the goalie or a bad line change can be crucial parts of a game and box score scouts will never see them.  Does the box score show skating ability or hockey sense?  Don’t think so.


I’ve heard so many arguments that claim a player is bad because of a certain stat or good because of another.  Fantasy hockey has created a lot of statistic junkies who have that scoring title mentality.  Great for pools, but teams are looking for championships, not scoring titles.  Weak lines and weak teams can affect statistics, but not necessarily a players potential as a professional hockey player.


How a player performs in the second or third game of back to backs is an interesting statistical cluster to analyze.  The QMJHL schedule is pretty tame compared to the AHL/NHL and teams need to know a player can handle the marathon.  Playing tired and hurt is part of the job description.  What do these stats mean?  Depends who you ask.


My top ten QMJHL skaters and how they performed in back to backs so far this season. (Feb. 14th)



Player   GM G A Pts Pts/G +/- SOG
Mikhail Grigorenko Season 45 29 37 66 1.46 18 73
B2B 11 7 8 15 1.36 4 16
Martin Frk Season 21 9 7 16 0.76 -10 24
B2B 9 4 3 7 0.77 -6 9
Raphael Bussieres Season 46 16 22 38 0.83 8 76
B2B 14 4 6 10 0.71 5 22
Charles Hudon Season 47 23 35 58 1.23 24 69
B2B 13 10 9 19 1.46 4 22
Ryan Culkin Season 54 6 15 21 0.38 3 21
B2B 12 1 5 6 0.50 3 7
Matej Beran Season 55 20 36 56 1.02 -5 77
B2B 19 8 15 23 1.21 2 34
Taylor Burke Season 38 6 13 19 0.50 -1 43
B2B 11 1 1 2 0.18 -1 11
Dillon Fournier Season 44 9 22 31 0.70 -10 23
B2B 17 4 5 9 0.53 -3 10
Tomas Hyka Season 43 17 34 51 1.19 7 64
B2B 13 4 14 18 1.38 3 19
James Melindy Season 54 9 16 25 0.46 -7 21
B2B 12 2 4 6 0.50 -4 3











QMJHL- Patrick Roy is……

Posted on February 7, 2012 by Derek LeBlanc

Stirring the pot……again.

It wouldn’t be a normal week in the QMJHL without a fine for Patrick Roy.  The Quebec bench boss was at it again and received a 5k fine for his public comments towards the QMJHL commissioner.  Roy suggested Gilles Courteau pushed star centre, Mikhail Grigorenko, to participate in the Top Prospects game even though he was nursing an injury.  Roy claimed the commissioner put his own interests ahead of Grigorenko’s.  Its assumed Grigorenko and Roy were warned of a possible suspension if they decided not to participate.  In the end, the Rempart’s star centre obliged and had a typical rock solid game.  The CHL’s other Russian star, Nail Yakupov was suspended two games for missing the game even without medical clearance to play.

Most would disagree with Yakupov’s suspension and probably understand Roy’s issue, but clearly the league had to do something.  They can’t have coaches and managers chirping them without any consequences.  If the fines don’t work, can they suspend a coach?

Unlike the NHL All-Star snooze fest, the Top Prospects game can be just as exciting as a regular CHL game.  I know it’s a showcase for the scouts but these fines and suspensions clearly show it’s a vital part of the CHL’s marketing and branding strategy.  They recognize how difficult it is to leverage that swagger without their top two guns.  The NHL did the exact same thing a couple years ago with Niklas Lidstrom and Pavel Datsyuk.  Based on the TV broadcast, the building in Kelowna looked pretty empty.  I’m not sure it was the big-ticket event they had hoped for.

QMJHL Game/Skills Comp Summary:

Ryan, Andrew  C-  Even

Fournier, Dillon  D-  1 G

Frk, Martin  RW-  +1

Beauvillier, Francis C- Even

Grigorenko, Mikhail C-    -1

Bussieres, Raphael LW-  5 PIM

Hyka, Tomas RW-   -1

Whitney, Brandon G       1 GA       30:04 Min  11/12

Tremblay, Francois G      1 GA      29:55 Min  13/14

Fastest Skater

Francis Beauvillier (Rimouski Oceanic) – 14.132 (*Winner)

Tomas Hyka (Gatineau Olympiques) – 14.674 (4th)

Shooting Accuracy

Mikhail Grigorenko (Quebec Remparts) – 3 / 8 (6th)

Dillon Fournier (Rouyn-Noranda Huskies) – 4 / 8 (5th)

Andrew Ryan (Halifax Mooseheads) – 1 / 8 (8th)

Show-Down Breakaway

Raphael Bussieres (Baie-Comeau Drakkar) – 24 (4th)

Martin Frk (Halifax Mooseheads) – 19 (10th)


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QMJHL- Midterm Rankings

Posted on January 26, 2012 by Derek LeBlanc

Here are my midterm rankings of the QMJHL players eligible for the upcoming 2012 NHL Entry Draft.  As I’ve said many times before, rankings are pretty much meaningless but still lots of fun to create.  Most fans are familiar with the big boys like Grigorenko and Frk, but guys like Bussieres, Hudon and Beran have been impressive throughout the season and should be at the top of most QMJHL rankings.  Feel free to chirp.

Rank Player Team Postion
1 Mikhail Grigorenko Quebec Remparts RW
2 Martin Frk Halifax Mooseheads RW
3 Raphael Bussières Baie-Comeau Drakkar LW
4 Charles Hudon Chicoutimi Sanguineens LW
5 Ryan Culkin Quebec Remparts D
6 Matej Beran PEI Rocket C
7 Taylor Burke Gatineau Olympiques RW
8 Dillon Fournier Rouyn-Noranda Huskies D
9 Tomas Hyka Gatineau Olympiques RW
10 James Melindy Moncton Wildcats D
11 Francis Beauvillier Rimouski Oceanic C
12 Justin Haché Shawinigan Cataractes D
13 Andrew Ryan Halifax Mooseheads LW
14 Christophe Lalancette Acadie-Bathurst Titan RW
15 Raphael Corriveau Quebec Remparts RW
16 Liam O’Brien Rimouski Oceanic C
17 Dominic Poulin Chicoutimi Sanguineens D
18 Frederic Gamelin Baie-Comeau Drakkar C
19 Anton Zlobin Shawinigan Cataractes LW
20 Felix Girard Baie-Comeau Drakkar C
21 Loic Leduc Cape Breton Eagles D
22 Luca Ciampini Halifax Mooseheads LW
23 Denis Kamaev Rouyn-Noranda Huskies RW
24 Vladislav Shalimov Val D’or Foreurs LW
25 Christopher Clapperton Blainville-Boisbriand Aramda LW


1 Francois Tremblay Val D’or Foreurs G
2 Brandon Whitney Victoriaville Tigres G
3 Etienne Marcoux Blainville-Boisbriand Armada G
4 Francois Brassard Quebec Remparts G
5 Maxime Lagace PEI Rocket G


QMJHL- Grigo, Frk and ?

Posted on January 17, 2012 by Derek LeBlanc

Its a quiet week in the QMJHL with no games until friday night.  The short break is a good time to review the latest midterm rankings from the top scouting organizations around.  International Scouting Services (ISS) and NHL Central Scouting (CSS) recently released their respected midterm rankings.  Like most other rankings, ISS and CSS both have Mikail Grigorenko and Martin Frk ranked number one and number two coming out of the QMJHL.  After the top two spots, its not so cut and dry.

There is always risers and fallers, but unlike last year, it won’t be a first round heavy draft for the QMJHL.  After Grigo and Frk, its wide open for the rest of the QMJHL draft eligible players.  A lot guys that were passed over in last year’s draft are jumping up the rankings this year, which makes things interesting.  I believe the second and third round is where most of the top Q players will be selected in 2012.  The final stretch of the regular season and the playoffs should solidify the top five from the rest of the pack.

I’ll be releasing my own midterm rankings next week.  You can take a look at my preliminary rankings here.

CSS Rankings-

QMJHL Skaters:

2nd – Mikhail Grigorenko – Quebec

25th – Martin Frk – Halifax

57th – Raphael Bussieres – Baie-Comeau

59th – Matej Beran – PEI

62nd – Francis Beauvillier – Rimouski

64th – Andrew Ryan – Halifax

65th – Tomas Hyka – Gatineau

87th – Vladislav Shalimov – Val-D’or

89th – Ryan Culkin – Quebec

93rd – James Melindy – Moncton

96th – Charles Hudon – Chicoutimi

102nd – Liam O’Brien – Rouyn-Noranda

105th – Denis Kamaev – Rouyn-Noranda

116th – Justin Hache – Shawinigan

124th – Christophe Lalancette – Bathurst

126th – Tomas Pavelka – PEI

128th – Anton Zlobin – Shawinigan

130th – Taylor Burke – Gatineau

138th – Dillon Fournier – Rouyn-Noranda

156th – Christopher Clapperton –  Blainville-Boisbriand

168th – Loic Leduc – Cape Breton

173rd – Tomas Filippi – Baie-Comeau

177th – Raphael Corriveau – Cape Breton

186th – Sven Andrighetto – Rouyn-Noranda

190th – Alexandre Leclerc – Rouyn-Noranda

193rd – Jeremie Fraser – Bathurst

196th – Luca Ciampini – Halifax

207th – Dominic Poulin – Chicoutimi


QMJHL Goaltenders:

3rd – Brandon Whitney – Victoriaville

6th – Francois Tremblay – Val-D’or

13th – Etienne Marcoux – Blainville-Boisbriand

16th – Francois Brassard – Quebec

18th – Maxime Legace – PEI

25th – Jacob Brennan – Bathurst

30th – Roman Will – Moncton

33rd – Philippe Trudeau – Cape Breton


ISS Rankings-

1st – Mikhail Grigorenko – Quebec

32nd – Martin Frk – Halifax

34th – Tomas Hyka – Gatineau

49th – Charles Hudon – Chicoutimi


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QMJHL- Will He Get A Stamp?

Posted on January 10, 2012 by Derek LeBlanc


A lot has happened since my holiday hiatus…

The 2012 World Junior Championships and the World U-17 Challenge came to a close while a ton of big trades went down in the QMJHL.


Movers And Shakers-

Gormley, Pageau, Shaw, Ellis and Rose were some of the big names on the move last week.  The Memorial Cup host Shawinigan Cataractes made the biggest impact by adding Gormley and Ellis while the Chicoutimi Sangueneens made a surprising move to get JG Pageau from Gatineau. COMPLETE LIST OF TRADES

 U-17 Hockey Challenge-

Russia beat the USA in the finals and Ontario beat Sweden to capture the bronze in a great tournament that showcases the future stars of the game.  Check out the results at Hockey Canada’s site.

How Swede It Is-

The beginning of the tournament was pretty dull with most of the games ending in blowouts with no real competitive games.  Even the New Years Eve battle between USA and Canada was a dud.  The quarterfinals were a lot more exciting and were highlighted by the goalie showdown between Czech Petr Mrazek and Russian Andrei Vasilevski.  The Russians ended up winning 2-1 in an overtime thriller.

The semi finals were a treat for hockey fans.  Sweden edged rival Finland 3-2 in overtime and Canada fell short 6-5 in an amazing comeback attempt against the Russians.   In the finals, the Russian coaching staff took a gamble and replaced the tournaments top goalie, Vasilevski, with QMJHL alumni Andrey Makarov.  The move almost paid with Makarov making more than 50 saves and would have been the star of the game if it wasn’t for Mika Zibanejad clinching the gold for the Swedes in overtime.


▪   Brandon Gormley had a great tournament and showed the rest of the country what most of the East already knew, this guy is damn good.  He was relied upon in all situations for Team Canada and was named the tournaments best defenseman.

▪   Tomas Jurco is proving to be a steal for the Detroit Red Wings, who selected him in the 2nd round of last year’s draft.  He was Slovakia’s best player and had a strong tournament for the 6th place Slovaks.

▪   Nathan Beaulieu struggled for the Canadians in his limited role.  He was a utility man and even played a couple games at forward.  He made a brutal mistake in the Semi’s as he failed to back check after he was called for a penalty and the Russians scored the deciding goal.  Clearly he thought the whistle had been blown, as he is not the type of player to give up on a play.

▪   Mikhail Grigorenko was playing injured most of the tournament.  He didn’t have that jump and energy we are used to seeing in Quebec.  He was barely noticeable in some of the games and that is not normal for this potential top five pick.

▪   Charlie Coyle is going to make the Sea Dogs a very scaring team.  He had a good tourney for the under achieving Americans.  It is rumored Coyle will play on a line with Huberdeau and Phillips.


QMJHL players’ statistical breakdown:

Player Team Games Goals Assists Points +/- PIM QMJHL
Brandon Gormley* Canada 6 3 3 6 4 2 Shawinigan
Nathan Beaulieu Canada 6 0 1 1 -1 16 Saint John
Jonathan Huberdeau Canada 6 1 8 9 +8 16 Saint John
Michael Bournival Canada 6 0 1 1 -1 0 Shawinigan
Jakub Culek Czech Republic 5 1 3 4 +2 0 Rimouski
Petr Straka Czech Republic 6 0 1 1 +2 27 Rimouski
Tomas Filippi Czech Republic 6 4 0 4 +1 2 Baie-Comeau
Tomas Hyka Czech Republic 5 0 2 2 -1 2 Gatineau
Lukas Sedlak Czech Republic 6 0 0 0 -3 0 Chicoutimi
Artem Sergeev Russia 7 1 1 2 1 12 Val d’Or
Mikhail Grigorenko Russia 6 2 3 5 2 0 Quebec
Sven Andrighetto Swiss 6 1 1 2 -1 2 Rouyn-Noranda
Adam Janosik Slovakia 6 0 1 1 0 2 Gatineau
Tomas Jurco* Slovakia 5 1 7 8 4 4 Saint John
Charlie Coyle USA 6 4 1 5 2 2 Saint John
Player Country Games Wins Losses Save % GAA   QMJHL
Christopher Gibson Finland 2 1 1 .866 4.5   Chicoutimi


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QMJHL- Gold On The Ceiling

Posted on December 22, 2011 by Derek LeBlanc

This is the time of year when most Canadian hockey fans have their attention focused on the World Junior Championships.  Its one of the most exciting hockey tournaments in the world and is a holiday tradition here in Canada.  The QMJHL is well represented this year with four league players chosen to represent Canada.  Brandon Gormley, Nathan Beaulieu, Jonathan Huberdeau and Michael Bournival will team up to take on the world.

Gormley and Huberdeau are expected to play major roles while Beaulieu and Bournival are considered depth on a deep team.  Veteran forwards like Devante Smith-Pelley, Jaden Swartz and Brett Connolly will be leaned upon to provide grit, scoring and leadership.  Ryan Murray, a potential top five pick in the upcoming NHL entry draft, joins a strong defensive unit that consists of five NHL first round picks.  Canada should make the final but with debatable goaltending and a quick tournament, everyone knows winning won’t be easy.

USA, Russia and Sweden join Canada as projected medal contenders at this year’s tournament.  Russia will have a lot of firepower including top 2012 prospects Nail Yakupov and Mikhail Grigorenko while Sweden will rely on their strong defence, staring Edmonton Oiler first rounder, Jonas Brodin.  The Americans will look to their veterans like Jason Zucker, Emerson Etem and new Sea Dog, Charlie Coyle to lead their team to another gold.  The USA took a big blow to their backend with a tournament ending injury to Seth Jones and the Carolina Hurricanes deciding not to release Justin Faulk.

Great teams on paper mean nothing.  New heroes will emerge and favorites will fall in this truly amazing tournament.


QMJHL players participating in the World Junior Championship:

**Unofficial rosters

Czech Republic

Jakub Culek- Rimouski

Petr Straka- Rimouski

Tomas Filippi- Baie-Comeau

Tomas Hyka- Gatineau

Lukas Sedlak- Chicoutimi


Christopher Gibson- Chicoutimi


Artem Sergeev- Val d’Or

Mikhail Grigorenko- Quebec

Anton Zlobin- Shawinigan


Sven Andrighetto- Rouyn-Noranda


Adam Janosik- Gatineau

Tomas Jurco- Saint John

Lukas Cingel- Baie-Comeau


Charlie Coyle- Saint John


Enjoy the tourney!!


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QMJHL- About Frk’n Time

Posted on December 13, 2011 by Derek LeBlanc

Even with Nathan Mackinnon sustaining an shoulder injury, the Halifax Mooseheads got a big boost this week with a couple of highly touted players joining the team.  Martin Frk finally returned to the lineup after missing the first 29 games with a concussion.  After posting 50 points as a rookie, there are high expectations for the sniper from the Czech Republic.  Frk is a dynamic, physical player that makes something happen on every shift.  Even with the time he’s missed, most draft rankings still have Frk projected to go in the first round in next year’s NHL entry draft.  As long as his concussion issues don’t linger, he should be among the top three guys coming out of the QMJHL this year.

Second overall pick in the 2011 QMJHL Entry Draft, Jonathan Drouin, has finally decided to join the Mooseheads after what seemed like a never-ending story.  The 16 year old centre had 22 goals and 31 assist in 22 games with Lac St. Louis Midget AAA Lions this year.  Drouin is currently nursing a minor groin injury and will make his debut once he’s cleared of his injury.  With the addition of Drouin, the Mooseheads have a phenomenal young core that should only get better with time.   Moosehead fans should expect big things from this team as they will certainly be fun to watch.


RDS mid-season rookie awards-

Acadie-Bathurst Titan – Christophe Lalancette

Baie-Comeau Drakkar – Alexandre Ranger

Blainville-Boisbriand Armada – Christopher Clapperton

Cape Breton Screaming Eagles – Jean-Simon Deslauriers

Chicoutimi Saguenéens – Jérémy Grégoire

Drummondville Voltigeurs – Nikolas Brouillard

Gatineau Olympiques – Alex Soumakis

Halifax Mooseheads – Nathan MacKinnon

Moncton Wildcats – Brandon Shea

P.E.I. Rocket – Matej Beran

Québec Remparts – Mikhail Grigorenko

Rimouski Océanic – Peter Trainor

Rouyn-Noranda Huskies – Sven Andrighetto

Saint John Sea Dogs – Oliver Cooper

Shawinigan Cataractes – Frédérick Gaudreau

Val-d’Or Foreurs – Matt Murphy

Victoriaville Tigres – Brandon Whitney


Hot 2012 prospects from week fourteen:

Mikhail Grigorenko-Quebec Remparts                           2 GP 1 G 3 A 4 Pts

Denis Kamaev- Rouyn-Noranda Huskies                       4 GP 2 G 2 A 4 Pts -2

Robert Pelletier- Gatineau Olympiques                          2 GP 2 G 1 A 3 Pts

Raphael Bussieres- Baie-Comeau Drakkar                    3 GP  3 A 3 Pts +1

Etienne Marcoux- Blainville-Boisbriand Armada             2 GP 2W 1SO .977 Sv% 0.50 GAA

Alex Dubeau- Shawinigan Cataractes                             2 GP 1 W 1 SO .979Sv% 0.50 GAA



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QMJHL- Mistakes Will Be Made

Posted on December 6, 2011 by Derek LeBlanc

A lot of organizations have a social media policy nowadays and the QMJHL has decided to join in on the fun.  This week, QMJHL commissioner Gilles Courteau announced a new policy to legislate the use of social media.  “The QMJHL understands and appreciates the importance of social networking as it relates to the personal and professional lives of its stakeholders,” said the Commissioner.  “Although social media represent an important forum so that our publics can establish relationships, share information and opinions, it also represents an unsupervised medium for inappropriate conduct to occur; conduct which can be detrimental to the welfare of the League and its actors.  As such, the QMJHL holds its actors, which use or participate in social networking, to the same standards as it does for all forms of media.”

It’s surprising the league took this long to put a policy in place.  Social media can be an amazing tool but it’s also a place where your mistakes are public.  Social media usage will continue to climb around the league and putting a policy is a good idea.  Considering most of these players are teenagers, it’s pretty easy to assume that one of them will eventually post something stupid, if they haven’t already.  Whether it’s something offensive, breaking a trade or chirps to other players, these kids are human and mistakes will be made.


Violations of the QMJHL Social Media Policy:

– Statements which are critical of League personnel, its programs, employees, on-ice or off-ice officials, players, members, owners or operations staff, sponsors or any other actors.

– Divulging confidential information that may include, but is not limited to the following: trade talk or other player movement, medical history (injuries or other), game plans or strategies and any other information that is deemed confidential.

– Sharing or divulging photos, videos or comments which promote negative influences or criminal behavior, including but not limited to: drug use, alcohol abuse, public intoxication, sexual exploitation, etc.

– Online activity that contradicts the current policies of the QMJHL.

– Inappropriate, derogatory, racist or sexist comments of any kind that contradict the policies outlined by the QMJHL on these matters.


Zack Phillips is on FIRE!!

Phillips is having a fantastic season and currently sits 7 points behind the league leader in points.  A lot of people, myself included, associated a lot of his success to his line mate, Jonathan Huberdeau.  Phillips is proving he can hold his own, as Huberdeau has played in less than half of Saint John’s games this season.  Phillips was named the first star of November and currently has a 22 game point streak going.  During his streak, he has accumulated 13 goals and 28 assists for a total of 41 points and a plus 20.   His play got Team Canada’s attention and they invited him to their U-20 selection camp this month.  If Huberdeau returns from his injury and makes the team, Phillips’s established chemistry might give him the upper hand over some of the other bubble players.


Top 2012 prospects from week thirteen:

Mikhail Grigorenko-Quebec Remparts         3 GP 1 G 3 A 4 Pts +2

Robert Pelletier- Gatineau Olympiques        4 GP 1 G 3 A 4 Pts +3

Charles Hudon- Chicoutimi Sanguineens     3 GP 3 G 1 A 4 Pts +3

Ryan Culkin- Quebec Remparts                    3 GP 2 G 2 A 4 Pts +3

Francois Brassard- Quebec Remparts          2 GP 2W .969 Sv% 1.00 GAA


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QMJHL- Canada Forgot One

Posted on November 29, 2011 by Derek LeBlanc

It was an interesting week in the QMJHL with the Canadian 2012 World Under-17 Hockey Challenge roster and the 2012 World Junior camp invitees announced.  Not seeing Nathan MacKinnon’s name on the World Junior list surprised some that have watched him play this year.  A lot of people, myself included, thought he should have been invited to to help him build for next year.  Clearly his age was a major factor and the World Juniors are a big step from the QMJHL but that experience could have a bigger impact than they think.

Canada will have another strong team and I think a few QMJHL players have a good shot at making the team.  Canada’s defence is extremely deep but I think Gormley and Beaulieu should be able to crack the lineup.  Goalies are always a toss up but Domingue will get a long look as he’s having a great year.  If healthy, Huberdeau will make the team but Phillips, Bournival and Danault will have to impress over the next month and have a great camp.  The omission of Mackinnon and other top QMJHL players goes to show how deep Canada’s talent pool really is.

QMJHL 2012 World Junior camp invitees-

Louis Domingue- QUE G

Nathan Beaulieu- SJ D

Jérôme Gauthier-Leduc- RIM D

Brandon Gormley- MON D

Michaël Bournival- SHA F

Phillip Danault- VIC F

Jonathan Huberdeau- SJ F

Zack Phillips- SJ F


Last week I looked at CSS’s 2010 preliminary rankings and how they stacked up against the actual draft.  This week, I’ll take a look at my 2010 rankings from Dec.8, 2010 compared to the draft.  I got off pretty easy as I only did a top ten.



**Big strong centre that rarely loses a puck battle.  He dominates the boards and has a terrific shot.  One of the favorites to go 1st overall in next year’s draft.  Reminds me of Eric Staal.


**A great player at both ends of the ice.  A terrific playmaker with great vision.  Not afraid to get physical but needs to fill out and get stronger. 


**Very steady defenseman.  Not overly physical but can move the puck with ease.  Great skater and plays in all situations.  


**Very smart player with great hockey sense.  Fantastic skater who can rush the puck with ease. Has a good shot and a great first pass. 

5. JURCO, TOMAS SAINT JOHN (2nd, 35th)

**Strong player with a great shot.  Has amazing hands with a cupboard full of moves.  A lot of similarities to his countryman Marion Hossa. 







It’s still very early and they will definitely change but here are my 2012 QMJHL preliminary rankings.

1.  Grigorenko, Mikhail- Quebec RW

2.  Raphael Bussières- Baie Comeau LW

3.  Hudon, Charles- Chicoutimi LW

4.  Martin Frk- Halifax RW

5.  Fournier, Dillon- Rouyn Noranda D

6.  Haché, Justin- Shawinigan D

7.  Beauvillier, Francis- Rimouski C

8.  Culkin, Ryan- Quebec D

9.  Burke, Taylor- Gatineau RW

10.  Melindy, James- Moncton D

11.  Gamelin, Frédéric- Baie Comeau C

12.  Lalancette, Christophe- Acadie Bathurst RW

13.  Beran, Matej- PEI C

14.  Tremblay, François- Val D’or G

15.  Girard, Félix- Baie Comeau C

16.  Dominic Poulin- Chicoutimi D

17.  Corriveau, Raphael- Quebec RW

18.  O’Brien, Liam- Rimouski C

19.  Ryan, Andrew- Halifax LW

20.  Luca Ciampini- Halifax LW


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QMJHL- Preliminary Suggestions

Posted on November 23, 2011 by Derek LeBlanc

It was the week of the rankings with CSS and ISS both releasing their preliminary 2012 NHL draft rankings. Everyone loves rankings, I think it’s human nature to rank things in different order.  Whether its the best song, the best Seinfeld episode or the best beer, everyone would have a different list.  Ranking potential NHLer’s is no different.

Getting drafted doesn’t mean you will make the NHL and being ranked doesn’t mean you will be drafted.  As everyone knows scouting is an opinion based business. Throughout the year, players climb and players fall, but none of it really matters in the end.

I’m going to take a look at the CSS preliminary rankings from last year to analyze where players were drafted compared to their rankings.  This isn’t to show how off some rankings were, but to give an idea of how different rankings can be in comparison to the actual draft. (I’ll be showing how wrong I was next week)  Every scout or team has their own list that they hold close to their chest with hopes of finding that sleeper that no one knows about.  There are so many variables that take place during the draft that rankings become nothing more than suggestions.  How many ever go down their fantasy draft list in perfect order?


CSS 2011 QMJHL Preliminary Rankings-

1 Sean Couturier 1st Round (8th)  
2 Jonathan Huberdeau 1st Rnd (3rd)  
3 Nathan Beaulieu 1st Rnd (17th)  
4 Phillip Danault 1st Rnd (26th)  
5 Olivier Archambault 4th Rnd (108th)  
6 Tomas Jurco 2nd Rnd (35th)  
7 Xavier Ouellet 2nd Rnd (48th)  
8 Maximilien Le Sieur Undrafted  
9 Scott Oke Undrafted  
10 Ryan Tesink 6th Rnd (162nd)  
11 Zack Phillips 1st Rnd (28th)  
12 Jean-Francois LeBlanc Undrafted  
13 Jonathan Racine 3rd Rnd (87th)  
14 Brent Andrews 7th (202nd)  
15 Yannick Veilleux 4th Rnd (102nd)  
16 Guillaume Cloutier Undrafted  
17 Logan Shaw 3rd Rnd (76th)  
18 Samuel Henley Undrafted  
19 Gabriel Beaupre 6th Rnd (153rd)  
20 Sean Girard Undrafted  
21 Josh Currie Undrafted  
22 Stephen Woodworth Undrafted  
23 Axel Rioux Undrafted  
24 Olivier Daoust Undrafted  
25 Olivier Jodoin Undrafted  
LV Dylan Capstick Undrafted  
LV Alexandre Lavoie Undrafted  
1 Christopher Gibson 2nd Rnd (49th)  
2 David Honzik 3rd Rnd (71st)  
3 Maxime Lagace Undrafted  
4 Andrei Makarov Undrafted  
5 Jeffrey Noonan Undrafted  

Unranked in Preliminary but drafted

Alexandre Grenier- 3rd Rnd (90th)

Jean Gabriel Pageau- 4th Rnd (96th)

Troy Vance- 5th Rnd (135th)

Samuel Noreau- 5th Rnd (136th)

Ondrej Palat- 7th Rnd (208th)

Dillon Donnelly- 7th Rnd (183rd)


CSS 2012 QMJHL Preliminary Rankings-

1. Mikhail Grigorenko C
2. Martin Frk RW
3. Raphael Bussieres LW
4. Francis Beauvillier LW
5. Charles Hudon LW
6. Justin Hache D
7. Christophe Lalancette RW
8. James Melindy D
9. Taylor Burke C
10. Tomas Hyka RW
11. Vladislav Shalimov RW
12. Denis Kamayev RW
13. Matej Beran C
14. Petr Sidlik D
15. Liam O’Brien LW
16. Gabriel Fortin D
17. Loic Leduc D
18. Raphael Corriveau RW
19. Dillon Fournier D
20. Dominic Poulin D
21. Ryan Culkin D
22. Felix Girard C
23. Alexandre LeClerc D
24. Sven Andrighetto RW
25. Luca Ciampini LW
*LV Andrew Ryan LW

*LV – Limited Viewing



1. Francois Tremblay
2. Brandon Whitney
3. Francois Brassard
4. Maxime Lagace
5. Jacob Brennan
6. Philippe Trudeau
7. Alex Dubeau


Top 2012 prospects from week eleven:

Mikhail Grigorenko-Quebec Remparts          3 GP 3 G 4 A 7 Pts +4

Matej Beran- PEI Rocket                               3 GP 3 G 3 A 6 Pts +2

Charles Hudon- Chicoutimi Sanguineens      2 GP 3 G 2 A 5 Pts +6

Kyle Farrell- Cape Breton Eagles                  3 GP 4 A 4 Pts +3

Francois Tremblay- Val D’or Foreurs            2 GP 1W .931Sv% 2.00 GAA


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QMJHL- Make It Matter

Posted on November 15, 2011 by Derek LeBlanc

The Super Series has never really done it for me.  Most of the time, teams are thrown together and spend very little time practicing as a team.  Some say that by getting all these “stars” on the ice together, we get to see where they stand among the top players in their league.  While that may be true, I believe the players treat these games differently as well.  They understand there are a lot of scouts and people watching, but I don’t think they have the same passion they do when their playing with their regular teammates.  It’s not that they don’t care, it’s just that the game means nothing, there is nothing on the line.  I’ve never been a big fan of All-Star games in general, with the exception of Major League Baseball.  MLB recently changed my mind when they made the game matter with home field advantage in the World Series on the line.   The Super Series is a great way to promote the CHL and maybe someone will think of a way to make it more interesting than just bragging rights.

Maybe the QMJHL All-Stars were bored too.  They failed to put a single goal past Russian goaltender Sergey Kostenko in game one of the Subway Super Series.  Team Russia won the game 2-0 with Kostenko and Nathan MacKinnon named players of the game.  Game two was a little more exciting with Team Russia defeating the QMJHL All-Stars 5-4 in a shootout.  Acadie-Bathurst Titan, Matthew Bissonnette was named the player of the game for Team QMJHL and home town favorite, Mikhail Grigorenko got the player of the game honors for Team Russia.  Adding salt to the wound, Team OHL swept their two game series and scored sixteen goals compared to four by Team QMJHL.   Ah well, who has the Memorial Cup?  Thats right.


Top 2012 prospects from week ten:

Francis Beauvillier-Rimouski Oceanic                    3 GP 3 G 2 A 5 Pts +4

Charles Hudon- Chicoutimi Sanguineens               2 GP 1 G 3 A 4 Pts +3

Christophe Lalancette- Acadie-Bathurst Titan        1 GP 3 A 3 Pts +1

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QMJHL- Make It Hurt

Posted on November 8, 2011 by Derek LeBlanc

Last week, Patrick Roy made some comments regarding Raymond Bolduc’s ability to hand down the proper suspensions in order to protect the players in the league.  It’s hard to say if Roy’s comments had any impact, but Bolduc did suspend Jonathan Lessard for fifteen games for his hit on Nick Sorenson.  The QMJHL commissioner, Gilles Courteau was not impressed with Roy’s comments and fined the Quebec Remparts $2,500.  “At no time will I permit that a staff member of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League make inappropriate comments toward League personnel, especially in regards to their capacity to accomplish a mandate which I have given them, “ said the commissioner.

Dangerous hits and suspensions have been a major topic of discussion throughout the hockey world over the past year.  I know it’s a dangerous sport and we will never completely eliminate injuries but it seems to be getting worse.  Obviously every “questionable” hit has to be looked at on a case by case basis but the consequence in any league has to be severe enough to deter the dangerous behaviour from reoccurring.  The fifteen game suspension for Lessard is pretty serious as its about 22% of the QMJHL season.  I believe a suspension of that length will force a player to reevaluate the way he plays.  On the other end of the spectrum, the $2,500 fine Patrick Roy received, is not a great deterrent.  Its about 0.00044% of what he made as a player in the NHL.  Do you think Roy will be scared to speak his mind again?


Top 2012 prospects from week eight:


▪   Vladislav Shalimov-Val D’or Foreurs         3 GP 3 G 3 A 6 Pts +3

▪   Mikhail Grigorenko- Quebec Remparts    4 GP 3 G 2 A 5 Pts +2

▪   Taylor Burke- Gatineau Olympiques         2 GP 1 G 2 A 3 Pts +3

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QMJHL- Patrick Roy Is Right

Posted on November 1, 2011 by Derek LeBlanc

The long arm of the QMJHL law was busy this week with multiple suspensions and reviews.  The most notable was the knee on knee hit on Quebec Remparts forward Nick Sorensen by Baie-Comeau’s Jonathan Lessard.  It has been reported that Sorensen’s season is over.  Quebec’s GM and coach Patrick Roy was furious about the hit and had some choice words for QMJHL officials.  Roy believes Raymond Bulduc is too nice of a person to bring down the severe punishment required to improve the league and protect it’s players.  Roy was shocked Vincent Arseneau only got an eight game suspension for his blind side hit to the head of Victoriaville’s Philippe Halley and thinks suspensions should be harsher.  Roy is known for speaking his mind but I think he has a point here.

If the QMJHL expects to increase their European and American recruits, they better develop a reputation around the hockey community that takes a stand on illegal hits.  The Q is not a professional league and most of these kids will not make millions playing hockey.  I think the discipline handed down should be a lot more severe compared to the NHL.  The league has yet to announce any suspension for Lessard and it should be interesting to see if Roy’s comments have any effect on the decision.

Suspension Review:


▪   Carl-Antoine Delisle- Shawinigan Cataractes (3 Games)

▪   Vicent Arseneau- Shawinigan Cataractes (8 Games)

▪   Matt Boudens- Drummondville Voltigeurs (3 Games)

▪   Jonathan Lessard- Baie Comeau Drakkar (TBD)


Top 2012 prospects from week eight:


▪   Alexandros Soumakis-Gatineau Olympiques                      2 GP 3 G 1 A 4 Pts +1

▪   Christopher Clapperton- Blainville Boisbriand Armada       2 GP 3 G 1 A 4 PTS

▪   Mikhail Grigorenko- Quebec Remparts                              2 GP 1 G 2 A 3 Pts

▪   Alex Dubeau- Shawinigan Cataractes                                3 GP 2 W .915 Sv% 2.33 GAA

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QMJHL- Sean is Gone

Posted on October 25, 2011 by Derek LeBlanc

Sean Couturier, one of the best players in the league over the last few seasons, might have played his last game in the QMJHL.  It’s coming close to decision time for Couturier and there are rumours that he will be staying in Philly for the remainder of the season.  It would be an impressive feat for an 18 year old on a deep team.  Like many others, I have watched Couturier a lot and I’m not overly surprised by his success.  He is one of the smartest players I’ve ever seen and he impressed me every time I saw him play.  If it wasn’t for Jonathan Huberdeau’s unbelievable year, he would have been the top dog out the Q in last year’s draft.  Some think he should be sent back but I don’t think he has much more to learn in the Q.  He has three seasons under his belt and has been dominant.  He has elite level hockey sense and has the size to compete in the NHL.  I believe he will develop more as a player if he continues to be challenged and he will certainly get that in the NHL.  In my opinion, Sean is gone.

Despite winning five of their last six games, the Acadie-Bathurst Titan decided it was time to shake things up.  They announced they will be reorganizing their hockey department.  Sylvain Couturier is out as GM and will now act as a special consultant and oversee player development.  Team owner, Leo-Guy Morrissette, will take over as the team General Manager.  Morrissette claims this agreement was in place for some time and still has confidence in Couturier.  This isn’t the first time Morrissette has stepped into the GM role and it might not be his last.  The Titan currently sit 3rd in their Division and 10th Overall.

Sylvain Couturier was also involved in the selection process for this year’s Subway Super Series team which was announced this week.  He was part of a selection committee which included Marcel Patenaude, Pierre Leduc, Patrick Roy and Jerome Mesonero.  Head coaching duties for the series have been assigned to Yanick Jean of the Victoriaville Tigres and Patrick Roy of the Quebec Remparts who will split games for Team QMJHL.  The first game is on November 7th in Victoriaville and game two in Quebec City on November 9th.



Maxime Lagace, G- PEI

Louis Domingue, G- QUE

Brandon Gormley, D- MON

Morgan Ellis, D-CAP

Jerome Gauthier-Leduc, D-RIM

Xavier Ouellet, D-BLB

Pierre Durepos, D-SNB

Nathan Beaulieu, D-SNB

Martin Lefebvre, D- QUE

Samuel Carrier, D- BAC

Zack Phillips, F- SNB

Carl Gelinas, F- BAC

Charles Hudon, F- CHI (’12 eligible)

Jonathan Huberdeau, F-SNB

Jean-Gabriel Pageau, F-GAT

Yanick Dube, F VIC

Philippe Halley, F-VIC

Phillip Danault, F VIC

Nathan MacKinnon, F- HAL (’13 eligible)

Raphael Bussieres, F-BAC (’12 eligible)

Zach O’Brien, F- BAT

Matthew Bissonnette, F-BAT

Micael Bournival, F-SHA



Top 2012 prospects from week seven:

Mikhail Grigorenko- Quebec Remparts                  3 GP 2 G 2 A 4 Pts -1

Vladislav Shalimov- Val D’or Foreurs                     3 GP 1 G 2 A 3 Pts +1

Charles Hudon- Chicoutimi Sangueneens             2 GP 2 G 1 A 3 PTS +1



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QMJHL- Kabanov Returns

Posted on October 18, 2011 by Derek LeBlanc

In what seems like a weekly occurrence, Jonathan Huberdeau was in the news again.  The St. John Sea Dogs announced that he will be their new captain.  “Jonathan is going to be a great leader for our club.  He’s done a lot for our team and we think he’s going to lead us forward,” Gallant said.  Huberdeau has 2 goals and 6 assists in 6 games since his return to the QMJHL.

In another “groundhog day” type scenario, Kirill Kabanov is back.  Anyone who follows the QMJHL knows all about Kabanov and his escapades.  Last week, Kabanov was part of a trade that saw the Shawinigan Cataractes trade defenseman Nikita Kolesnikov, goaltender Storm Phaneuf and a 6th round pick in 2012 to the Blainville-Boisbriand Armada for Kabanov and defenseman Alexandre Gauthier.  Kabanov played for the Lewiston MAINEiacs and the Moncton Wildcats during the 2010-2011 season.

This week’s three stars were Jerome Rayomond, Maxime Lagace and Philippe Halley.  Raymond, the Drummondville Voltigeurs centre, is the first star.  He finished the week with 3 goals, 4 assists and +3.  

Lagacé, the P.E.I. Rocket goaltender, is the second star.  He maintained a 2.40 goals-against-average and a .940 save percentage.

  Victoriaville Tigres left-winger Philippe Halley is the third star.  Halley finished the week with a total of 4 goals, 2 assists and +7.


Top 2012 prospects from week six:

Raphael Bussieres- Baie Comeau Drakkar                            3 GP 1 G 5 A 6 Pts +2

Denis Kamaev- Rouyn Noranda Huskies                                2 GP 3 G 3 A 6 Pts

Christopher Clapperton-Blainville-Boisbriand Armada            2 GP 2 G 2 A 4 Pts

Liam O’Brien- Rimouski Oceanic                                            2 GP 1 G 2 A 3 PTS +2


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QMJHL- Emulating Shanny

Posted on October 11, 2011 by Derek LeBlanc

It was an unusual start to week five in the Q.  For the first time in a long time, the St. John Sea Dogs were not the number one ranked team in the CHL.  Baie-Comeau, at number two, were the top ranked QMJHL team, followed by Victoriaville (5), St. John (6) and Shawinigan (8).  The Sea Dogs are hoping to retain the number one status and their undefeated week should help. Gatineau, Halifax and Quebec were also undefeated this week while PEI and Cape Breton were winless.

The Sea Dogs clearly liked the way the last couple years have gone and announced three year extensions for head coach Gerald Gallant and hockey operations/associate coach Mike Kelly.  Their superstar, Jonathan Huberdeau, also signed a three year contract with the Florida Panthers.  Some are worried that the contract means Huberdeau will be recalled, but that will only happen with an injury emergency.

The commissioner of the QMJHL, Gilles Courteau, has decided to duplicate the NHL in regards to how their disciplinary sanctions will be announced.  Brendan Shanahan, the NHL’s Senior Vice President of Player Safety and Hockey Operations has received a lot of attention in regards to his “Shana-ban” videos, but clearly a lot of people like them, including Courteau.  Shanahan breaks down the play and explains why the player did or did not get suspended.  The QMJHL will follow a similar route for suspensions of 3 games or more.  The announcement will be accompanied by a video of the incident and an explanation.  “We want to be more transparent and explain the reasons behind the disciplinary decisions,” Courteau explained. “With video becoming increasingly prominent, we must take the necessary steps to make sure that our process is better understood”.  Suspensions of 1 or 2 games will continue with a basic announcement.


Top 2012 prospects from week five:

Alexandros Soumakis- Gatineau Olympiques                2 GP 3 G 2 A 5 Pts +4

Mikhail Grigorenko- Quebec Remparts                         3 GP 3 G 2 A 5 Pts +2

Christophe Lalancette- Acadie-Bathurst Titans             2 GP 1 G 2 A 3 Pts +1

Taylor Burke- Gatineau Olympiques                              3 GP 3 A 3 Pts +3

Francois Tremblay- Val D’Or Foreurs                            3 GP 2 W 2 SO 1.30 GAA .956 SV%


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QMJHL- Huberdeau Returns

Posted on October 4, 2011 by Derek LeBlanc

We are a month into the QMJHL season and the reigning Memorial Cup MVP has finally returned.  The Florida Panthers decided to return Jonathan Huberdeau to the QMJHL and continue his development with the Sea Dogs.  I’m sure St. John’s management and coaching staff are fine with that decision and are visualizing another long playoff run.  Huberdeau should make his return to the lineup on Saturday.

Huberdeau wasn’t the only game breaker to return to the Q this week.  Jean-Gabriel Pageau and Michael Bournival returned from Ottawa and Montreal respectively, and had an immediate impact.  Pageau had 3 goals and Bournival had 4 goals in their first two games back.  Sean Couturier remains with the Philadelphia Flyers and looks like he will start the year with the big club.

With most of the “Big” guys back from NHL camps, we will start to see the true league standings take shape.  Its like bizarro world in the Q with the three teams that finished 16th, 17th and 18th  last year, currently sitting 1st, 2nd and 3rd in league standings.  I’m not saying they will finish last again but  Victoriaville, Shawinigan and St. John won’t be held back for long.


QMJHL players of the month:

Yanni Gourde-LW- Victoriaville Tigres                    8 GP 9 G 13 A 22 PTS +6

Zach O’Brien-RW- Acadie-Bathurst Titan              8 GP 9 G 11 A 20 PTS +1

Alex Dubeau-G- Shawinigan Cataractes                7 GP 5 W 1 SO 1.96 GAA .933 SV%


Top 2012 prospects from week four:

Raphael Bussieres-LW- Baie-Comeau Drakkar          3 GP 3 G 4 A 7 PTS +6

Charles Hudon-LW- Chicoutimi Sangueneens            3 GP 3 G 3 A 6 PTS +3

Frederic Gamelin-C- Baie-Comeau Drakkar               3 GP 2 G 4 A 6 PTS +3

Mikhail Grigorenko-RW- Quebec Remparts                2 GP 2 G 2 A 4Pts +1

Alex Dubeau-G- Shawinigan Cataractes                     2 GP 2 W 2.50 GAA .920 SV%


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QMJHL- Rise Up

Posted on September 27, 2011 by Derek LeBlanc

Week three came to a close with most teams now having complete rosters. Most players who were attending NHL camps have returned to their QMJHL clubs, including St. John Sea Dog stars, Stanislav Galiev, Zack Phillips and Nathan Beaulieu.  Its still unclear whether Jonathan Huberdeau will be cut from the Florida Panthers.  They might give him a couple games during the regular season before they make that call.

Even without Huberdeau, St. John should continue their improved play and rise up the standings.  Baie Comeau and Victoriaville currently sit atop the standings but a handful of teams are within striking distance.  Random hits this week;  Alexandre Beauregard was traded and suspended and their was a hat trick in each of the four games on Sunday.


Top 2012 prospects from week three:



▪   Denis Kameav- Rouyn-Noranda Huskies                3GP 2 G 6 A 8 PTS

▪   Mikhail Grigorenko- Quebec Remparts                   3GP 4 G 2 A 6 PTS +2

▪   Raphael Bussieres- Baie Comeau Drakkar             2GP 3 G 2A 5 PTS +4



▪   Petr Sidlik- Victoriaville Tigres                                  2GP 1 G 1 A 2 PTS

▪   Brandon Whitney- Victoriaville Tigres                      1 GP 1 W 1 SO 29 saves

▪   James Melindy- Moncton Wildcats                          2 GP 1 G 1 A 2 PTS


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QMJHL- Pre-Season 2.0

Posted on September 20, 2011 by Derek LeBlanc


With week two in the books, its still difficult to quantify the season so far.  It’s as if the preseason is still going.  I understand that the Quebec school system begins early but can’t we hold off a little longer?  NHL camp invitees are slowly coming back and like I said last week, we will finally get to see the “real” QMJHL.

Here are some quick hits and the top 2012 prospects from week two.



▪   Acadie-Bathurst’s first line is one, two and three in league scoring.  Led by undrafted Zach O’Brien with 8 goals and 8 assists in 6 games.

▪   Halifax’s Luca Ciampini (’12) and Nathan MacKinnon (’13) are lighting it up after the first four games.  Just wait until Martin Frk (’12) comes back.

▪   Shawinigan’s Alex Dubeau (’12) and Blainville-Boisbriand’s Etienne Marcoux (’12) sit atop most goaltending statistics and are a big reason their teams are top five in the Q after two weeks.

▪   The Sea Dogs finally got a win and its not surprising since they finally got some players back from NHL camps.  They still have ten players that can come back, and if they do, it will be scary.


Top 2012 prospects from week two:


▪   Charles Hudon (Chicoutimi, LW)                          2 GP 1 G 3 A 4 PTS

▪   Luca Ciampini (Halifax, LW)                                 2 GP 2 G 2 A 4 PTS +3

▪   Francis Beauvillier (Rimouski, C)                          2 GP 1 G 1 A 2 PTS +3


▪   Justin Hache (Shawinigan, D)                             2 GP 4 A 4 PTS +6

▪   Francois Brassard (Quebec, G)                          1 GP 1 W 2.00 GAA .941 SV%

▪   Alex Dubeau (Shawinigan, G)                             2 GP 2 W 2.00 GAA .941 SV%


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QMJHL- Crosby Who?

Posted on September 12, 2011 by Derek LeBlanc


With all the incomplete rosters around the league, its hard to make any real judgments after week one in the QMJHL.  Mackinnon is outscoring Crosby’s rookie pace, Shawinigan’s Maillet & Gourde had 7 point games and Baie Comeau is undefeated while St. John is winless.  It was a strange opening week in the Q as the only thing likely to continue is Nathan Mackinnon’s comparison to Sid the Kid.  As NHL teams make their cuts in the coming weeks, we should slowly start to see the “real” QMJHL.

Top 2012 prospects from week one:


▪   Frederic Gamelin (Baie-Comeau, C)                          2 GP 3 G 3 A 6 PTS +2

▪   Matej Beran (PEI, C)                                                  2 GP 3 G 2 A 5 PTS +2

▪   Christophe Lalancette (Acadie-Bathurst, RW)           2 GP 3 A 3 PTS +3


▪   Loic Leduc (Cape Breton, D)                                     2 GP 2 A 2 PTS +4

▪   Etienne Marcoux (Blainville Boisbriand, G)                2 GP 1.50 GAA .930 SV% 2 W

▪   Alex Dubeau (Shawinigan, G)                                    2 GP 0.67 GAA .973 SV% 1 W 1 SO


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QMJHL- It’s Finally Here

Posted on September 8, 2011 by Derek LeBlanc


The CHL released it’s Top 10 Rankings yesterday and the defending QMJHL and Memorial Cup Champions remain the team to beat. The Sea Dogs came in at #1 with fellow QMJHL squads, Shawinigan (4), Quebec (6) and Victoriaville (10) filling out the top ten.

The regular season kicks off tonight with the top ranked Sea Dogs taking on the Moncton Wildcats at Harbour Station in the first game of the Rivalry Cup Challenge.  The Wildcats took both games against the Sea Dogs during the preseason which concluded on Monday night.  The preseason doesn’t mean a whole lot as teams play alot of younger players but the leading scorers and final standings are below.

I’ll be posting my top NHL prospects from the QMJHL within the next couple weeks. It’s shaping up to be an interesting year in the Q and I can’t wait to see how it all plays out.  Thank god it’s finally here, hockey is back!



  Player Team GP G A P PIM
1 Matthew Bissonnette Acadie-Bathurst, Titan 3 3 7 10 2
2 Luca Ciampini Halifax, Mooseheads 6 2 8 10 0
3 Nicklas Jensen – DENMARK U20 – 4 6 3 9 12
4 Sébastien Trudeau Acadie-Bathurst, Titan 3 4 5 9 0
5 Vladislav Shalimov Val-d’Or, Foreurs 4 5 3 8 0
6 Zven Andrighetto Rouyn-Noranda, Huskies 4 5 2 7 4
7 Nicolas Larocque-Marcoux Val-d’Or, Foreurs 3 4 3 7 0
8 Alexandre Lemieux Blainville-Boisbriand, Armada 6 4 3 7 4
9 Angelo Miceli Victoriaville, Tigres 5 3 4 7 4
10 Troy Vance Victoriaville, Tigres 5 2 5 7 8



  Player Team GP SO GAA SV% W L OTL SOL
1 Simon Giroux Drummondville, Voltigeurs 3 0 1.68 0.932 1 1 0 1
2 Carl Hozjan Rimouski, Océanic 3 0 1.71 0.937 2 0 0 0
3 Anthony Terenzio Halifax, Mooseheads 3 0 2.02 0.922 1 0 0 1
4 Brandon Whitney Victoriaville, Tigres 4 0 2.18 0.920 3 0 0 0
5 Maxime Lagacé P.E.I., Rocket 3 0 2.30 0.904 1 0 0 0



   Maritimes Division GP W L OTL SL PTS PCT GF GA PIM
1 Halifax, Mooseheads 6 5 0 0 1 11 0.917 30 13 149
2 Moncton, Wildcats 6 4 2 0 0 8 0.667 20 18 150
3 Acadie-Bathurst, Titan 6 3 3 0 0 6 0.500 29 32 131
4 P.E.I., Rocket 6 2 2 0 2 6 0.500 28 34 159
5 Saint John, Sea Dogs 5 2 2 0 1 5 0.500 21 20 126
6 Cape Breton, Screaming Eagles 6 2 4 0 0 4 0.333 17 26 171

TELUS East Division

1 Victoriaville, Tigres 6 4 2 0 0 8 0.667 22 15 169
2 Rimouski, Océanic 5 4 1 0 0 8 0.800 17 14 93
3 Shawinigan, Cataractes 7 3 2 0 2 8 0.571 22 28 153
4 Québec, Remparts 5 3 2 0 0 6 0.600 17 15 124
5 Baie-Comeau, Drakkar 4 2 2 0 0 4 0.500 16 13 49
6 Chicoutimi, Saguenéens 6 1 3 0 2 4 0.333 16 26 134
7 – Ottawa, 67′s (OHL) – 1 1 0 0 0 2 1.000 3 2 47

TELUS West Division

1 Blainville-Boisbriand, Armada 7 4 2 0 1 9 0.643 33 24 159
2 Drummondville, Voltigeurs 6 4 1 0 1 9 0.750 23 17 141
3 Gatineau, Olympiques 4 2 2 0 0 4 0.500 10 10 90
4 Val-d’Or, Foreurs 5 2 3 0 0 4 0.400 21 25 114
5 Rouyn-Noranda, Huskies 5 2 3 0 0 4 0.400 21 28 105
6 – DENMARK U20 – 4 0 3 1 0 1 0.125 15 21 64


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The QMJHL announced its 2011-12 pre-season schedule and 46 games are scheduled with a number of teams playing outside of their home rink. Games are going to be played in Magog, La Tuque, Trois-Rivières, Ottawa and Port Hawkesbury.  The pre-season opens on Friday, August 19 and ends on Monday, September 5.  The full pre-season schedule can be found here. (QMJHL)

Seven games are scheduled on pre-season’s opening night:

Saint John vs. Moncton (7 pm)
Chicoutimi vs. Baie-Comeau (7:30 pm)
P.E.I. vs. Acadie-Bathurst (7:30 pm)
Blainville-Boisbriand vs. Drummondville (7:30 pm)
Québec vs. Rimouski (7:30 pm)
Val-d’Or vs. Rouyn-Noranda (7:30 pm)
Victoriaville vs. Shawinigan (7:30 pm)


The QMJHL released the 2011-12 regular season schedules.  A total of 578 games will be played between the seventeen QMJHL teams; 34 home and 34 away games for a total of 68 games per team.  The regular season kicks off on Thursday, September 8 as the Moncton Wildcats travel to Saint John to face the defending President Cup and MasterCard Memorial Cup champions.  The full schedule can be found here. (QMJHL)


The Montreal Junior are done and the new franchise will be the Blainville-Boisbriand Armada.  President and General Manager, Joel Bouchard unveiled the franchise colours and logo they will be using next season.


The rights to Nathan MacKinnon, the first overall pick in the 2011 QMJHL Draft, have been traded to the Halifax Mooseheads.  In return, Baie-Comeau acquires forwards Carl Gélinas and Francis Turbide as well as Halifax’s 2012 and 2013 first round picks. The Drakkar also added Quebec Remparts’ first selection in 2013.


The excitement from the 2011 NHL Entry Draft is over and most players have already taken part in development camps for their respected teams.  The QMJHL had a similar result as last year with 22 players being selected.  The round by round breakdown along with my pre draft rankings are below.

Round #1
3 – Jonathan Huberdeau (SNB) – Florida  (MY QMJHL Rank #1)

8 – Sean Couturier (DRU) – Philadelphia  (#2)

17 – Nathan Beaulieu (SNB) – Montreal  (#3)

26 – Phillip Danault (VIC) – Chicago  (#6)

28 – Zack Phillips (SNB) – Minnesota  (#7)

Round #2
35 – Tomas Jurco (SNB) – Detroit  (#4)

48 – Xavier Ouellet (MTL) – Detroit  (#5)

49 – Christopher Gibson (CHI) – Los Angeles  (#12)

Round #3
71 – David Honzik (VIC) – Vancouver  (#20)

76 – Logan Shaw (CAP) – Florida  (#13)

87 – Jonathan Racine (SHA) – Florida  (#41)

90 – Alexandre Grenier (HAL) – Vancouver  (#54)

Round #4
96 – Jean-Gabriel Pageau (GAT) – Ottawa  (#17)

102 – Yannick Veilleux (SHA) – St. Louis  (#10)

108 – Olivier Archambault (VDO) – Montreal  (#8)

Round #5
135 – Troy Vance (VIC) – Dallas  (#36)

136 – Samuel Noreau (BAC) – New York (R)  (#34)

Round #6
153 – Gabriel Beaupré (VDO) – Colorado  (#26)

162 – Ryan Tesink (SNB) – St. Louis  (#15)

Round #7
183 – Dillon Donnelly (SHA) – Colorado  (#42)

202 – Brent Andrews (HAL) – Nashville  (#14)

208 – Ondrej Palat (DRU) – Tampa Bay  (NR)


Hockey Canada announced the 42 players who have been invited to attend its U-18 team selection camp, which runs from July 30 to August 2 in Calgary.  22 players will be selected for Canada’s National Men’s Summer Under-18 Team, which will play in the 2011 Memorial of Ivan Hlinka tournament, scheduled for August 8-13 in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.  Here are the QMJHL players that were invited.

Domenic Graham G Drummondville 2013 Eligible
François Tremblay G Val d’Or 2012
Dominic Poulin D Chicoutimi 2012
Luca Ciampini F Halifax 2012
Félix Girard F Baie-Comeau 2012
Charles Hudon F Chicoutimi 2012



The 2011 QMJHL draft took place on June 4th and here is how the first round shaped up.  The full list of results can be found here. (QMJHL website)









Last Team

1 Baie-Comeau MacKinnon, Nathan Shattuck U16
2 Halifax Drouin, Jonathan Lac St-Louis
3 Rimouski Gauthier, Guillaume St-Eustache
4 Rouyn-Noranda Guenette, Justin St-Eustache
5 Val-D’Or Murphy, Matt Frédéricton
6 Chicoutimi Gregoire, Jeremy Magog
7 Rimouski Morin, Samuel Lévis
8 Rimouski Boudreau, Simon Jonquière
9 P.E.I. Graves, Ryan South Shore
10 Chicoutimi Desbiens, Simon St-François
11 Halifax Fucale, Zachary St-Eustache
12 Cape Breton Deslauriers, Jean-Simon Trois-Rivières
13 Moncton Shea, Brandon Noble & Greenough
14 Victoriaville Veilleux, Tommy Beauce-Amiante
15 Victoriaville Sweeney, Jacob Québec Cyclones
16 Val-D’Or Dunn, Vincent Gatineau
17 Chicoutimi Dauphin, Laurent Esther-Blondin
18 Rouyn-Noranda Belanger, Alexandre Magog



The Canadian Hockey League import draft took place on June.29th and here are the selections from the QMJHL teams.  Full results can be found here. (CHL website)


Pick Team Name
2 Rouyn-Noranda Mikhail Grigorenko
5 Baie-Comeau Drakkar Petr Sidlik
8 Cape Breton Screaming Eagles Tomas Hyka
11 Quebec Remparts Zven Andrighetto
14 Shawinigan Cataractes Lucas Sedlak
17 Chicoutimi Sagueneens Nikita Kolesnikovs
20 Rimouski Oceanic Nick Sorensen
23 Victoriaville Tigres Vladislav Shalimov
26 PEI Rocket Tomas Pavelka
29 Moncton Wildcats Roman Will
32 Lewiston MAINEiacs Sebastian Dyk
35 Shawinigan Cataractes Matej Beran
38 Acadie-Bathurst Titan Nicolas Krammer
41 Gatineau Olympiques Denis Kamaev
44 Drummondville Voltigeurs Adrian Saxrud-Danielsen
47 Quebec Remparts Emil Sylvegard
50 Blainville-Boisbriand Ilya Nikolaev
53 Saint John Sea Dogs Pass


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May. 17th-31st 




They did it, the St. John Sea Dogs became the first Maritimes based team to lift the MasterCard Memorial Cup with their win over The Mississauga St. Michael’s Majors on Sunday.  They were the number one team in the country for the better part of the year and proved just how good they were throughout the QMJHL playoffs and Memorial Cup.  Draft eligible superstar Jonathan Huberdeau was named MVP and was also named to the tournament All Star team along with teammate Nathan Beaulieu.  This team is young and could be back at the big dance next year.  They also have added motivation with Shawinigan beating them as host for next year’s tournament. 


Here is the list of QMJHL players that have signed professional contracts over the last week. 

David Gilbert– Acadie-Bathurst Titan- 7th round (209th) in 2009 by Chicago.  Three year entry level deal with Chicago Blackhawks. 

Philip-Michael Devos– Gatineau Olympiques- Two year deal with Norfolk Admirals.

Nicolas Deslauriers– Gatineau Olympiques- 3rd round (84th) in 2009.  Three year entry level with Los Angeles Kings.

Louis Domingue– Quebec Remparts- 5th round (138th) in 2010.  Three year entry level with Phoenix Coyotes. 

Andrej Nestrasil– 3rd round (75th) in 2009.  Three year entry level with Detroit Red Wings. 


The CHL awards took place last week during the MasterCard Memorial and the QMJHL took home two awards with Philip-Michael Devos of the Gatineau Olympiques winning the FRAM Sportsman of the Year and Gerard Gallant of the Saint John Sea Dogs won the Old Dutch Brian Kilrea Coach of the Year Award. 


The Lewiston MAINEiacs franchise will be dissolved and a special dispersal draft will take place today at noon where players and draft picks will be available.  Any player that is not chosen in the dispersal draft will be available for selection during the QMJHL draft on June 4th.  The Lewiston ownership group stated that they can no longer handle the mounting financial losses and the situation became no longer viable.  The Commissioner of the QMJHL also announced that an expansion team will be joining the league after next season.  A group of investors led by former QMJHL and NHL goalie Jocelyn Thibault have been awarded a team that will play out of the city of Sherbrooke.

Here is the order of selection for both rounds. 

Round 1

1 – Rouyn-Noranda

2 – Baie-Comeau

3 – Cape Breton

4 – Halifax

5 – Val-d’Or

6 – Chicoutimi

7 – Rimouski

8 – Victoriaville

9 – P.E.I.

10 – Moncton

11 – Shawinigan

12 – Acadie-Bathurst

13 – Gatineau

14 – Drummondville

15 – Québec

16 – Montréal

17 – Saint John

Round 2

1 – Saint John

2 – Montréal

3 – Québec

4 – Drummondville

5 – Gatineau

6 – Acadie-Bathurst

7 – Shawinigan

8 – Moncton

9 – P.E.I.

10 – Victoriaville

11 – Rimouski

12 – Chicoutimi

13 – Val-d’Or

14 – Halifax

15 – Cape Breton

16 – Baie-Comeau

17 – Rouyn-Noranda


The 102 best draft-eligible players from North America and Europe are at the NHL draft combine this week where they will go through a vigorous round of physical, medical and psychological tests that could effect their draft status. 

Here are the fourteen QMJHL players that will be attending the combine.

Olivier Archambault Val d’Or QMJHL LW 5-foot-11 170
Nathan Beaulieu Saint John QMJHL D 6-foot-2 174
Sean Couturier Drummondville QMJHL C 6-foot-4 197
Phillip Danault Victoriaville QMJHL LW 6-foot 170
Jonathan Huberdeau Saint John QMJHL C 6-foot-1 170
Tomas Jurco Saint John QMJHL RW 6-foot-2 187
Maximilien LeSieur Shawinigan QMJHL RW 6-foot-2 203
Scott Oke Saint John QMJHL LW 6-foot-3 185
Xavier Ouellet Montreal QMJHL D 6-foot 174
Zack Phillips Saint John QMJHL C 6-foot-1 178
Jonathan Racine Shawinigan QMJHL D 6-foot-1 182
Logan Shaw Cape Breton QMJHL RW 6-foot-3 197
Ryan Tesink Saint John QMJHL C 5-foot-11 157
Christopher Gibson Chicoutimi QMJHL G 6-foot-1 193



The QMJHL draft will take place this Saturday, June 4th in Victoriaville.  Here is the list of the top 10 players available ranked by CSR. 

1. Nathan MacKinnon– 5’ 10.5” 170lbs-Winger

2010-11 Regular Season:  Shattuck St. Mary’s

40gp    45g      48a      93pts   72pim

2. Jonathan Drouin–  5’ 8.5” 153lbs- Centre

2010-11 Regular Season:  Lac-St.Louis Midget AAA

38gp    22g      36a      58pts   38pim

3. Anthony Duclair–  5’10” 155lbs- Centre

2010-11 Regular Season:   Lac-St.Louis Midget AAA

34gp    25g      32a      57pts   36pim

4. Jeremy Gregoire– 5’11” 187lbs- Centre

2010-11 Season:  Magog Midget AAA

38gp    28g      25a      53pts   42pim

5. Guillaume Gauthier– 5’9.5” 161lbs- Centre

2010-11 Season:  St.Eustache Midget AAA

40gp    23g      21a      44pts  

6. Alexandre Belanger– 5’11.5”, 171lbs- Goalie

2010-11 Regular Season:  Magog Midget AAA

26gp    14-91-2 record            0.885 save %   3.36gaa

7. Anthony Deluca– 5’ 8” 186lbs- Winger

2010-11 Regular Season:  St.Eustache Midget AAA

39gp    27g      26a      53pts   78pim

8. Matt Murphy– 6’ 0.5” 186lbs- Defenceman

2010-11 Regular Season:  Fredericton Major Midget

33gp    4g        19a      23pts   10pim

  1. Justin Vanier-Guenette– 5’ 10.5” 176lbs- Defenceman

2010-11 Regular Season:  St.Eustache Midget AAA

38gp    5g        25a      30pts   76pim

10.  Frederik Gauthier– 6’ 4” 201lbs- Centre

2010-11 Regular Season:  CollegeEsther-Blondin Midget AAA

37gp    7g        14a      21pts   6pim

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May. 10th-16th 



The St. John Sea Dogs are the 2011 Presidents Cup Champions.  Alexandre Beauregard scored the winning goal in double overtime to cap off a remarkable season for the QMJHL powerhouse. Potential top five pick, Jonathan Huberdeau was named most valuable player of the playoffs, having scored 16 goals and 14 assists in 19 games.  The Sea Dogs will be competing against Mississauga, Owen Sound and Kootenay at the 2011 MasterCard Memorial Cup which begins tonight. 

GATINEAU (5) VS. ST.JOHN (1)-   Sea Dogs win series 4-2

My Prediction- Sea Dogs in 5

Thursday, May 5 – Gatineau at Saint John (2-1 SJ)

Saturday, May 7 – Gatineau at Saint John (5-0 SJ)

Monday, May 9 – Saint John at Gatineau (3-2 GAT)

Wednesday, May 11 – Saint John at Gatineau (4-3 SJ OT2)

Friday, May 13 – Gatineau at Saint John (3-2 GAT)

Sunday, May 15 – Saint John at Gatineau (3-2 SJ OT2)

Top Scoring 2011 Draft Prospects-

Jonathan Huberdeau             19 GP  16G 14A 30 Pts +13

Jean Gabriel Pageau            22 GP  12G 15A 27 Pts +9

Zack Phillips                           17 GP  9G 15A 24 Pts +8

Tomas Jurco                          19 GP  6G 12A 18 Pts +9

Nathan Beaulieu                    19 GP  4G 13A 16 Pts +6


2011 MasterCard Memorial Cup Schedule (All times are Eastern):

Round-Robin Game 1 – QMJHL vs. Mississauga on Friday May 20 at 7:00 pm

Round-Robin Game 2 – OHL vs. WHL on Saturday May 21 at 7:00 pm

Round-Robin Game 3 – Mississauga vs. WHL on Sunday May 22 at 7:00 pm

Round-Robin Game 4 – OHL vs. QMJHL on Monday May 23 at 7:00 pm

Round-Robin Game 5 – WHL vs. QMJHL on Tuesday May 24 at 7:00 pm

Round-Robin Game 6 – Mississauga vs. OHL on Wednesday May 25 at 7:00 pm

Tie-Breaker (if necessary) – Thursday May 26 at 7:00 pm

Semi-Final – Friday May 27 at 7:00 pm

Championship Final – Sunday May 29 at 7:00 pm


The PEI Rocket officially announced that Gordie Dwyer has been named the new Head Coach.  Gordie will be leaving his post as the Head Coach and Associate Director of Hockey Operations for the Summerside Western Capitals.  He had a very successful year as he led his team onto capture the KENT CUP MHL Championship. 

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2011 prospect Ryan Tesink scored the game winning goal in double overtime last night that ended the longest game in the history of the President’s Cup finals.  The win gave the Sea Dogs a 3-1 series lead and a chance to punch their ticket to the Memorial Cup tomorrow night at Harbour Station. 

GATINEAU (5) VS. ST.JOHN (1)-   Sea Dogs lead series 3-1

My Prediction- Sea Dogs in 5


Thursday, May 5 – Gatineau at Saint John (2-1 SJ)

Saturday, May 7 – Gatineau at Saint John (5-0 SJ)

Monday, May 9 – Saint John at Gatineau (3-2 GAT)

Wednesday, May 11 – Saint John at Gatineau (4-3 SJ 2OT)

Friday, May 13 – Gatineau at Saint John

Sunday, May 15 – Saint John at Gatineau**

Monday, May 16 – Gatineau at Saint John**

Top Scoring 2011 Draft Prospects-

Jonathan Huberdeau             17 GP  15G 13A 28 Pts +13

Jean Gabriel Pageau            22 GP  12G 15A 27 Pts +9

Zack Phillips                           17 GP  9G 15A 24 Pts +8

Tomas Jurco                          17 GP  6G 11A 17 Pts +10

Nathan Beaulieu                    17 GP  4G 12A 16 Pts +4


The Halifax Mooseheads named Dominique Ducharme as their new head.  He spent the past three seasons as an assistant coach with the QMJHL’s Montreal Junior under head coach Pascal Vincent.  Ducharme is also the head coach of Team Quebec for the upcoming World Under 17 Hockey Challenge in Winnipeg. 


Sixty one CHL players have been invited to the 2011 NHL Combine held May 30 to June 4 in Toronto, ON.  The 2011 NHL Combine features the top 102 prospects eligible for the 2011 NHL Entry Draft.  The first round of the draft will take place on Friday, June 24 and the subsequent rounds on Saturday, June 25.  

Here are the fourteen QMJHL players that will be attending the combine.

Olivier Archambault Val d’Or QMJHL LW 5-foot-11 170
Nathan Beaulieu Saint John QMJHL D 6-foot-2 174
Sean Couturier Drummondville QMJHL C 6-foot-4 197
Phillip Danault Victoriaville QMJHL LW 6-foot 170
Jonathan Huberdeau Saint John QMJHL C 6-foot-1 170
Tomas Jurco Saint John QMJHL RW 6-foot-2 187
Maximilien LeSieur Shawinigan QMJHL RW 6-foot-2 203
Scott Oke Saint John QMJHL LW 6-foot-3 185
Xavier Ouellet Montreal QMJHL D 6-foot 174
Zack Phillips Saint John QMJHL C 6-foot-1 178
Jonathan Racine Shawinigan QMJHL D 6-foot-1 182
Logan Shaw Cape Breton QMJHL RW 6-foot-3 197
Ryan Tesink Saint John QMJHL C 5-foot-11 157
Christopher Gibson Chicoutimi QMJHL G 6-foot-1 193


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Apr. 26th- May.2nd 



The third round of the QMJHL playoffs ended last night with the Gatineau Olympiques holding on to win game seven and finishing off a remarkable comeback against the Quebec Remparts.  The Olympiques came back from a 3-1 series deficit to defeat the favoured Remparts. 

GATINEAU (5) VS. QUÉBEC (3)-   Olympiques win series 4-3

My prediction- Quebec in 6

Game One-     2-1 Gatineau

Game Two-    3-2  Quebec

Game Three- 2-1  Quebec

Game Four-   2-1  Quebec

Game Five-    5-3  Gatineau

Game Six-      4-0  Gatineau

Game Seven- 5-2  Gatineau


The Presidents Cup final will begin tomorrow at Harbour Station with the high powered Sea Dogs taking on the underrated Olympiques.  I’m predicting the Sea Dogs to win in five games.  I think Gatineau will have an emotional let down after that thrilling series against Quebec and the Sea Dogs have been pretty much unbeatable all year.   


Season Series- 2-0 SJ (5-2, 4-3)

My Prediction- Sea Dogs in 5 


Thursday, May 5 – Gatineau at Saint John

Saturday, May 7 – Gatineau at Saint John

Monday, May 9 – Saint John at Gatineau

Wednesday, May 11 – Saint John at Gatineau

Friday, May 13 – Gatineau at Saint John

Sunday, May 15 – Saint John at Gatineau

Monday, May 16 – Gatineau at Saint John

Top Scoring 2011 Draft Prospects-

Jonathan Huberdeau              13 GP  13G 12A 25 Pts +9

Jean Gabriel Pageau             18 GP  12G 13A 25 Pts +18

Zack Phillips                            13 GP  8G 14A 22 Pts +7

Tomas Jurco                            13 GP  6G 10A 16 Pts +9

Nathan Beaulieu                      13 GP  3G 11A 14 Pts +3


QMJHL Central Scouting (CSR) released its final prospects list for the upcoming entry draft in Victoriaville.  Here are the first round rankings. 

Rank Name First Name Height Wgt DOB Pos Team
1 MacKinnon Nathan 5′ 10 1/2 170 1995-09-01 A Shattuck St. Marys
2 Drouin Jonathan 5′ 08 1/2 153 1995-03-28 C Lac St-Louis
3 Duclair Anthony 5′ 10 155 1995-07-26 C Lac St-Louis
4 Grégoire Jérémy 5′ 11 187 1995-09-05 C Magog
5 Gauthier Guillaume 5′ 09 1/2 161 1995-09-12 C St-Eustache
6 Bélanger Alexandre 5′ 11 1/2 171 1995-08-19 G Magog
7 Deluca Anthony 5′ 08 186 1995-02-11 A St-Eustache
8 Murphy Matt 6′ 00 1/2 186 1995-05-01 D Frédéricton
9 Guénette Justin 5′ 10 1/2 176 1995-05-22 D St-Eustache
10 Gauthier Frédérik 6′ 04 201 1995-04-26 C Esther-Blondin
11 Beaton Bronson 6′ 00 170 1995-02-06 A Pictou
12 Gravel Maxime 6′ 00 1/2 178 1995-02-12 D Esther-Blondin
13 Desrosiers Philippe 6′ 01 165 1995-08-15 G Antoine-Girouard
14 Morin Samuel 6′ 05 173 1995-07-12 D Lévis
15 Graves Ryan 6′ 02 200 1995-05-21 D South Shore
16 Tremblay Carl 6′ 01 1/2 186 1995-02-15 D St-François
17 Cooper Oliver 6′ 02 189 1995-03-27 A Frédéricton
18 Dauphin Laurent 5′ 11 1/2 153 1995-03-27 C Esther-Blondin


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Posted on April 28, 2011 by Derek LeBlanc

Apr. 19th- Apr.25th 



LEWISTON (8) VS. SAINT JOHN (1) –   Sea Dogs win series 4-0

My prediction:  Sea Dogs in 5

Game 1- 5-4 OT St. John

Game 2- 4-1  St. John

Game 3- 5-2  St. John

Game 4- 6-5  St. John

Jonathan Huberdeau                              13 GP  13G 12A 25 Pts +9

Zack Phillips                                            13 GP  8G 14A 22 Pts +7

Tomas Jurco                                            13 GP  6G 10A 16 Pts +9

Nathan Beaulieu                                      13 GP  3G 11A 14 Pts +3

GATINEAU (5) VS. QUÉBEC (3)-   Remparts lead series 3-1

Game 1- 2-1 Gatineau

Game 2- 3-2  Quebec

Game 3- 2-1  Quebec

Game 4- 2-1  Quebec

Jean Gabriel Pageau                            15 GP  9G 11A 20 Pts +7


The U-18 World Championships wrapped up last week with the USA winning the Gold medal over Sweden and Russia defeating Canada for the Bronze.  Here are the final rankings and the QMJHL players’ statistics.

Final Rankings-


2 Sweden

3 Russia

4 Canada

5 Finland

6 Germany

7 Switzerland

8 Czech Republic

9 Norway

10 Slovakia

Charles Hudon– Chicoutimi Sagueneens- (2012 eligible)

7 GP 1A 2 PIM -1

Brent Andrews– Halifax Mooseheads- (2011 eligible)

7 GP 1A 14 PIM -3

Martin Frk– Halifax Mooseheads- (2012 eligible)

6 GP 1G 4A 2 PIM -2


Patrick Roy, the GM of the Quebec Rempart was fined two thousand dollars for inappropriate comments made towards Shawinigan’s GM Martin Mondou.  Quebec also lost a player due to suspension as Guillaume Rousseau was suspended for one game for an illegal hit to the head in Friday’s game.


The 2011 Under Armour Combine took place last week at the Centre d’Excellence Sports Rousseau.  Eighty of the top-ranked prospects were on hand to be tested by Under Armour and to participate in games, skill development sessions and conferences.  This was one of the last events before the 2011 QMJHL draft in Victoriaville on Saturday, June 4.

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Posted on April 20, 2011 by Derek LeBlanc

Apr. 12th- Apr.18th 



The second round of the QMJHL playoffs ended last night with Quebec blowing out Shawinigan 9-2 in a lopsided game seven.  Here is how the rest of the round finish and some of the top scoring 2011 eligible prospects.    

VICTORIAVILLE (11) VS. SAINT JOHN (1)-  Sea Dogs win series 4-1

My prediction- Sea Dogs in 5 

Jonathan Huberdeau     9 GP  10G 11A 21 Pts +11

Zack Phillips                    9 GP  7G 9A 16 Pts +9

Phillip Danault                 9  GP 5G 10A 15 Pts +4

Philippe Maillet               9 GP  4G 10A 14 Pts +6

Tomas Jurco                   9 GP  4G 8A 12 Pts +7

Nathan Beaulieu             9 GP 1G 10A 11 Pts +7

David Honzik                   9 GP  5W  3A  3.28GAA  .919Sv%

LEWISTON (8) VS. MONTRÉAL (2)-  Maineiacs win series 4-2

My prediction- Juniors in 5

Xavier Ouellet–                    10 GP 8A 8 Pts +5

SHAWINIGAN (7) VS. QUÉBEC (3)-  Quebec wins series 4-3

My prediction- Remparts in 6

Yannick Veilleux–                  12 GP 2G 5A 7 Pts +1

GATINEAU (5) VS. DRUMMONDVILLE (4)-   Olympiques win series 4-2

My prediction- Voltigeurs in 6

Jean Gabriel Pageau–           11 GP  8G 11A 19 Pts +9

Sean Couturier–                     11 GP  6G 5A 11 Pts +3



Round three starts on Friday and here are my predictions.   


Season Series-  1-1

My prediction- Sea Dogs in 5


Season Series-  Que 3-1

My prediction- Remparts in 6

U-18 World Championships-

The 2011 IIHF U-18 World Championships are taking place in Crimmitschau / Dresden Germany and here is how the QMJHL players are performing. 

Charles Hudon– Chicoutimi Sagueneens- (2012 eligible)

4 GP 1A 2 PIM -1

Brent Andrews– Halifax Mooseheads- (2011 eligible)

4 GP 1A 12PIM

Martin Frk– Halifax Mooseheads- (2012 eligible)

4 GP 1G 4A -1


Another QMJHL coach has been let go and this time its Cape Breton’s General Manager and Head Coach Mario Durocher.  The Screaming Eagles will now begin the process of finding a replacement for Durocher in preparation for the upcoming season.

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