I did not expect this.

I figured they could beat Tampa, but not a sweep.

After watching 90% of the habs games this season, this series was by far their most impressive performance to date. I don’t care what any of the haters are saying, Montreal dominated 9 out of 12 periods. It wasn’t all goaltending or sketchy reffing, Tampa gave up a ton of chances.

Rene Bourque has morphed into the player he was in Calgary and it’s having a massive impact on this team. Eller is another player who has stepped up in a huge way. When players like this or even add Briere and Weisse, are scoring, you’re going to win games. The Desharnais line hasn’t been racking up the points but Pacioretty could easily have five goals in this series. As long as they’re generating chances, we can’t complain. Confidence is a funny thing, you could almost feel their’s rising as the series progressed.

Defensively, no one seems to panic. They’re playing the system really well and everyone seems to be buying in. PK has been a stud and he is so much more comfortable playing with Gorges. Emelin has been the Emelin of old and Markov has been Markov. Unnoticeable bottom two is exactly what you want.

Price had a few off games and Max only scored once. No matter how optimistic you were, no way you saw this coming. Hockey is great, isn’t it.

Bring on the Bruins!!





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