NYR over PHI in 7 games

The Rangers were my preseason Stanley Cup pick and I’m sticking to my guns.

  • King Henrik’s swagger will devour Mason’s weak psyche.
  • Ryan McDonagh is way better than you think he is.
  • Philly: Strong up front, questionable D and G. Rangers: Strong D and G, questionable up front. What wins championships?

 MTL over TB in 6 games

Habs are team, so this one is sketchy. I’m hoping I’m not blinded by what I see.

  • Carey Price could win this series by himself.
  • TB lacks playoff experience throughout lineup.
  • It will make me happy.

PIT over CLB in 5 games

Columbus are just happy to be in the playoffs, not their time.

  • Kunitz or Neal would arguably be the Blue Jacket’s best forward.
  • Johansen will breakdown after carrying the team on his back.
  • PIT’s forwards could make goalie Bob look like he’s back in Philly.

BOS over DET in 7 games

This one is tough. Bos has gone 7 games in last three first round match-ups.

  • Patrice Bergeron is one of best players in the NHL
  • No Zetterberg and a weakened Datsyuk
  • FINLAND>USA when it comes to goaltending



COL over MIN in 6 games

Colorado got lucky with this matchup. They will make it count.

  • Patrick Roy will literally not allow it.
  • Name two other defensman on Minnesota after Suter……Exactly.
  • The Maritimes will be routing for Nate.

 LA over SJ in 7 games

This will be a war.

  • The offensive engines on the back end are Doughty and Boyle. I know which one you would pick.
  • LA has a better bottom six, that matters more in the playoffs
  • It’s the Sharks, they never win.  Unless you pick them not too.

CHI over STL in 7 games

This one is by far the toughest one to make.

  • If David Backes is not 100%, that changes everything.
  • Look at that Chicago D, just look at it.
  • Hossa and Sharp are two of the most underrated stars in the league.

DAL over ANA in 6 games

I’m going Dallas cause Jim Nil seems like the nicest guy ever.

  • Benn and Seguin have zero pressure, look out.
  • Bruce Boudreau is a regular season coach.
  • Everyone loves an upset.



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