Habs Post Mortem

Wow. Glad that’s over. What a shit year for Les Habitants!

I had twins in January so my time to watch hockey vanished. Luckily I didn’t watch as much as I normally do. This team was brutal. Maybe the worst one in quite some time.

Here is what I see.

A team who doesn’t know what it is. Beyond Carey Price of course. Ya there is Weber but no one that takes over and drags the team to higher places like I don’t know, PK Subban! (i die a little bit every time i think about it)

Pacioretty is not that guy and neither is Drouin. Gallagher is but just doesn’t have the size to dominate and take over games. Galchenyuk is great but again, not dominant enough on his own. Price is Price but will never be worth his contract.

Guys like Byron, Shaw and Alzner should not have prominent roles. The defense is utter trash with no help on the horizon. They have a handful of decent young players like Hudon, Danault, Lehtkonen and Mete but every team has decent young players. No game breakers in the bunch.

They need a horse. A big, high scoring, top end guy who is the main man in every situation. A unicorn basically.

They failed to lure Stamkos. Do they get lucky and Tavaras joins le bleu blanc rouge? Remember, Pat Brison, who is Tavares’s agent, is good friends with Marc Bergevin.

Tavares may be the only solution to this mess. Getting luck in the lottery and grabbing Dahlin would be cool too. One can dream.


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