10 days without Facebook.


I have newborn twins. I have zero free time. The little time I do have, should be put to good use. Right?

This is something I’ve been ruminating for the last month. So I’m doing a test.

I hate Facebook. It’s great in some ways but the pull of it is dangerous. I never really want to go on FB but it perpetually fills small boredom gaps I have throughout the day. Small individually but if you add that shit up, it’s a lot.

I turned off all notifications but left messenger open in case someone wants to get ahold of me. I moved the app into a folder on a secondary screen and never open it.

It hasn’t been that long but I can already tell Facebook does not like my recent reduction in activity. They have been slowly escalating their attempts to lure me back. Notifications are off but email is still enabled so they send me emails with a variety of updates trying to see what will work. They even send me emails saying ‘you have 31 notifications, you should go check them out!’. Nice try Zuckerberg!

While I’m impressed with the intuitiveness. It’s creepy as fuck. It actually reinforces my whole experiment. The whole damn thing is built to keep you on the wheel.

I’m going to try and go 30 days. I doubt I’ll quit Facebook completely but I think it will be more of a check in ‘once a week’ or ‘twice a month’ type of thing, instead of the daily scrolling.

Insta and Twitter are my other phone vices. Should I break up with them too?




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