My wife and I are expecting twins in the New Year (or anytime now). Friends of ours gave me this book as a gift. I think it’s meant to be read as your child ages but I can’t stand not finishing something so I read the whole thing.

It’s funny to think back to when we had diner and they gave us the gifts. We didn’t know we were having twins then. Boy would that seem weird now. Everything changed once we got that news. Here are the notes they wrote, I wonder what they would have said if they knew it was twins!

Good speed brotha! haha! The best chapter of your life is around the corner, you’re going to be a great dad.


Congrats on making a tiny human! You’re gonna rock parenthood. Oh and your baby will play fetch like pro. Love you guys!


Clearly I’m not reviewing this book like the others I read this year. Yes I learned some things but man this was killer to get through. I think it will be better once I’m in it and can implement some of these moves. So boring.

One thing I’ll take away from this book is that there are a lot of opinions about a lot of things when it comes to kids. Good to get some insight beforehand, definitely worth reading as a soon to be parent but glad to be done!


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