These are the golf goals I made back in April.


I only fulfilled one of them but it was by far the biggest and most unlikely of them all, so all and all, a great season.

I know I’m not using the proper way to calculate handicap but close enough and I’m only using on myself to track progress.

2017 Golf Goals:

  1.  Break 80

√   Hells yes! Shot 77 on June 18th @ Kingswood. 36 front, 41 back. 1 eagle, 2 birds, 7 pars. Never felt better in my life.

2. Knock three strokes off my handicap

X  If I use best 5, I took one stroke off from last year. If I use best 10, I’m even. 

3. Golf at least 25 rounds

X  Nope. Only got out for 17 rounds. I did 18 last year so 25 may have been an way to lofty goal. 20 makes more sense.

4. Integrate proper grip

X   I think I tried for 3 holes and felt terrible. As soon as I go back to my baseball grip, I started playing amazing. Not sure I’ll ever use it.


2017 golf data…

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 7.34.13 PM

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