Twins Nursery

So we knew we were expecting a new baby in 2018 for months but we only found  out we were having twins on Oct.5th. I remember the date specifically because it’s my wife’s birthday.

The twin news most definitely changed everything and we had to use a different room to accommodate. Luckily we had two extra bedrooms so it worked out.

This first pic is the before. We painted it some Mediterranean color when we first moved in. Not our best choice so it was nice to get rid of it. This was our guest room so we hadn’t done to much to it besides new floors and paint.

I got a new phone while doing this project so a lot of the progress pics our on my old one which doesn’t take a charge. The only actual building was adding the shelving to the closet.

Clearly our poor Berkley doesn’t understand why he isn’t the king anymore. This room used to be “his” room so he’s been pretty devastated over losing it.

Here is the finished product minus a shelf and a few minor things. We love it. We were really surprise we could get two cribs and two rockers in the room. We can’t wait to meet these little turkeys.



And the closets. This storage was critical to the project.


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