I want to break 80. My best is 82 which happened late last season so I’m thinking I can do it this year.


Last year I knocked about five strokes off my handicap so I’m thinking three is doable this season.

By knocking off three strokes from my handicap, I would be a consistent low 80’s golfer which would be great. If I’m doing that I will definitely be able to flirt with 70’s from time to time.

I also want to integrate a proper grip. I’ve only gotten into golf the last few years so I have no foundation beside baseball when it comes to a grip. I understand this could be causing a lot of issues but I’m afraid to go through the struggles to get there. I’ve tried before it and it wasn’t pretty but I know it will probably help me in the long run.

Recap of my golf goals:

  1. Break 80 at least once
  2. Knock three strokes off my handicap
  3. Golf at least 25 rounds
  4. Integrate proper grip


2016 golf data…


2015 golf data….





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