I’m not sure about this one. A lot of it was over my head but the underlying concept was quite interesting. It’s written in sections and chunks which I enjoyed. I finished it in a few days so it’s a super quick read. Although the title says “art”, this could be valuable to anyone. It’s all about breaking through the “resistance” when working towards a goal. Writing a book, having a baby, starting a business, whatever it is, it will have resistance. He describes resistance in many ways and explains how critical it is to overcome it. If your struggling start your project, just start, that’s a big part of it. Once you get going, things will start to happen. Resistance is what stops people from accomplishing their goals. Their scared, worried, and talk themselves out of it before it even begins. There were sections that didn’t do it for me, but I would recommend it. Especially people who have been putting off something they’ve always wanted to do. I may have to read this one again another time as it’s one that may be different, depending on when in your life you read it.


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