My guitar amp is a Fender Mustang III which has hundreds of effects built into it so I rarely ever used my pedals. I recently bought a small looping pedal (which for some reason didn’t come with a power supply) but it’s quite small and needed a base. I had a dual foot switch which wasn’t being used and a few Boss distortion pedals. I figured it was time to build some sort of pedal board so I would actually use them. I googled it, found a few ideas and then made based on what I wanted. I don’t remember the link but it’s likely on page one. I wanted something super basic that was no more than $20 or so bucks. Super easy and about an hour or work.

I used velcro to keep the pedals solid on the board. The lumber is 1×2’s and 1×3’s. Left spaces between boards for cords etc. (Isn’t the pink carpet in my crawl space amazing?)

I brought out the keyboard again as I now have an amp to use it properly. Pretty decent addition to the jam space.

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