Hogan wrote this in 1956 so it was a little long winded and uses old man phrases. That said, it still had a lot of interesting tips and advice. I’ve never had a lesson but my friends give me tips along the way and I’ve improved from a 100+ player to low 80’s towards the end of last year. I still want to get better and my goal is to consistently hit in the 70’s. I have good days and bad days so I know my approach is inconsistent. I was looking for a foundation to work from and Hogan does provide that in this handbook. He talks grip, stance, backswing, downswing, wrist postulation. It’s a small little book which I finish in a few hours but it was overly long for what it discussed. I’ll have to see how his suggestions play out on the course but even if it’s not drastic, I still think I’ve gain some insight so I’m glad I read it.  



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