I’m wearing Nike sneakers right now. I have another pair and golf shoes as well. I’ve always loved Nike but didn’t know why beyond the fact they have great shoes. Phil Knight knows why.
Shoe Dog is a memoir of Nike’s founder, Phil Knight and it’s a great storey. There are many characters that each have their own weird quarks and add a lot of humour to the stories. From a trip around the world to negotiations with Japanese businessman, you see the birth of Nike and almost it’s death. It’s amazing to hear how uncertain things were even when they had millions in revenue. These stories, for the most part, focus on the early years of Nike. How it started, the key personnel and wild unpredictability of growing a startup. I really enjoyed this book and I’m a bigger Nike fan than I was before. Knight is a billionaire and obviously didn’t write this for the money, but I’m glad he did. Highly recommend.

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