Loved this book. Very similar feeling of inspiration after reading “The 4-hour work week”. The case studies, the simplistic recaps and attainable examples are exciting to read about. They don’t talk about the rags to riches millionaires but simple people. People who figured out how to make a decent living (min $50k) and live life on their own terms.

I went to business school and understand the basics of business but this book may be one of the best I’ve seen at explaining them. These businesses or solopreneurs are creating basic products or services and that’s the essence of the book. You don’t need this crazy, ground breaking idea to do this. All you need to do is find something people are willing to pay for. It’s as simple as that.

It teaches you about basic marketing and sales concepts. How slightly increasing your price or fee can drastically improve revenue. They talk about how low spending customers can turn out to be the most labor intensive and how to navigate around them. The amount of examples is so vast and random that any idea you had or have doesn’t see that weird anymore. It’s inspiring to hear stories of other people, like you and me, starting something and it taking off. This books makes you want to jump up off the couch and start implementing that idea you’ve been debating for months.

One of my favorite pieces of advice from the book. Don’t listen to the opinions of others. Not that you shouldn’t listen to people you trust but just learn to trust your gut. There will always be people who will doubt and explain why it won’t work. It’s also likely those people don’t run a business and never will.


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