I loved this book. The first chapter was a little graphic when he’s describing a few surgery scenes but I think it helps make a point. The author is a surgeon and his first hand perspective helps explain how his processes work. The premise is too show us how simple, structured steps or “checklists”, can have dramatic effects on critical care, aviation, finance and other fieldsMost of his experiments are based in critical care but he does a great job using real world examples, like the plane that crashed into the Hudson river and architecture to further solidify his points.
One of the more interesting results to his studies, was the critical part that communication played. Checklists can help a lot of the time but when it comes to unanticipated or extreme circumstances, open control and communication is critical. One my favorite quotes is “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” and this book reminds me of that.
Such an interesting book. Highly recommend. Not surprised this pops up on a lot of best read lists.

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