This is the biggest blow of all the recent rockstars deaths for me. I adored Chris Cornell and his music. I’m a huge Seattle scene music fan. Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Nirvana. I love them all. Temple of the Dog’s album will now forever be a haunting reminder of how good Cornell really was. Effortless vocal range in a melodic flow that no one else came close too. He often sang about dark topics and they’re even sadder listening to them now.
I remember getting the SuperUnknown tape casette as part of that crazy Columbia House thing in the 90’s. It was considered a pretty dark album for someone my age but my parents knew what I was listening too. My siblings and I still make fun of them for taking away Dookie because it was too offensive lol. Spoonman and Black Hole Sun became my favorite songs and had a big influence on me learning how to play the guitar. I was also a Rage fan so when AudioSlave happened, it was incredible. That band pumped out amazing heavy songs that were played as much as pop songs. I remember believing in new good music again after this band came together. Chris’s solo stuff has also played for hours in my house. His live album may be the best of them all. Such a great song writer.
I was lucky enough to be able to see him live, once. They played Ottawa Bluesfest shortly after they reunited in the 2001. They played all the hits and Cornell was all nonchalant while she screamed on key. It was LOUD in the best possible way.
Devastating loss for the person and the amazing music he would have created. RIP Chris Cornell.
Pic from the Ottawa ShowChris-Cornell

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