While this book had some great insight and case studies, it’s likely my least favourite read this year. Christensen’s own life and dedication to educating others is to be admired and maybe it’s his deep dedication to his faith that gave this book a vibe. I enjoyed the business theories and examples he provided but that was only about half the book. He talked a lot about families and how to raise incredible kids. He talked about successful classmates he would talk too at Harvard MBA reunions that were miserable on the inside. Making decision based on the right reasons is what I got from this. He does a great job connecting his business philosophies to his life’s philosophies. 
I don’t why but I was expecting something different when I bought this. I did enjoy a lot of it but as a whole, it was quite slow and drawn out. Too much emphasis on faith and family life for what I was looking for. I was hoping to learn more about his teaching at Harvard. Still worth the read and I understand why some love it. 


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