This book is fantastic. I find Grant has a lot of similarities with Malcolm Gladwell who I love. Originals is very “Outlier” like. Grant is a great storey teller and uses a lot of historic examples to influence his points.
It’s about how non-conformists move the world. Or in other words, how successful people went against the grain to achieve incredible things. Along with the great stories, there are great strategies and advice. How to disengage groupthink at work or teaching your kid how to have empathy, Grant is an engaging teacher.
He recommends doing more new things and to question everything. He shows how procrastination can be a good thing and giving reasons not to do your project can help get it approved. Ask for problems, not solutions. I can go on and on. So many good parts of this book and it’s not very big.
I loved it and it might be one of the year’s favorites so far. Read it.

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