I have this really long wall on the main floor of my house that never seemed to look right. We recently painted the room white so it was even more bare looking. We wanted a bookcase of something to break up the wall and add some colour to the space.

I found a plan online and then added to it to make it the exact size we needed.

This thing is a BEAST! I was really concerned as i was building it because I was thinking I made it too big. Luckily it fit within the opening, so all good.

There were a lot of tedious steps but it turned out exactly how I drew it up. Here are some pics to show the progression and final piece.

Getting the shelves level was not easy so I’m hoping no ones notices they are off a bit:).

It felt like I sanded this thing a million times. I put wood conditioner on it first, then multiple coats of stain and multiple coats of poly. Tedious to say the least.

Here is the final product. Not too shabby and the wife loves it, so the project is a success.

IMG_0883 2

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