The author is an investment banker and walks through his process for pitching deals. While it’s an interesting framework, I’m skeptical I could use any of these strategies. There are most definitely synergies to sales but his approach is more of a one and done.

One of his main lessons is make your pitch speak to your audiences croc brain. A croc brain is kinda stupid and less analytical I think. He also suggest turning yourself into the prize which is actually an idea I can relate too. You want to disqualify as much as qualify to make sure you not wasting time on prospects that are not a fit.

Klaff uses the acronym STRONG to segment his framework.


  • Setting the frame
  • Telling the story
  • Revealing the intrigue
  • Offering the prize
  • Nailing the hookpoint
  • Getting a decision

If your in the business of making pitches, this book is likely for you. A few interesting ideas and strategies but not my favorite.


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