This thing is an encyclopedia. Massive book. Dalio’s goal is for people to use it as reference so it’s structured like a text book.

It was deep. I like the beginning more than the end as a lot of the business principles blurred together. His storey is cool though. I would have loved to work for him.

Dalio created his vision of complete transparency. Could you handle a public ‘baseball’ card of all your strengths, weaknesses, wins and losses? Most people could not. I like to think I could, but you probably won’t know for sure until your in it.

He setup his business in a way where systems and principles controlled every decision. This allowed him to build the biggest investment firm in the world. This book in tons of detail, breakdowns how he did it.

Dalio takes things to the next level but he has a ton of great insights. Transparency makes things happen is probably my favorite.


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