The start of the year has been a little slow for me. I’ve been sick for the last week or so and it’s killed my momentum. I say momentum because 2018 is going to be a huge year for me. I mean huge in a good and exciting way.

I’m going to be a parent to twins in less than two weeks (maybe sooner) which is going to be incredible. I cannot wait to meet them and be their dad. My wife and I feel like we’ve been waiting for them forever.

Being a parent is my number one goal but I have quite a few other projects I want to get done as well. I plan on putting a new roof on the house this spring and new windows/door/siding in the fall. The fall project is a big one so I’ll need to have my shit together.

This will be my first full year at my new job (which I love) and my plan is to have a killer year. I want to get as good as I possibly can. I have a few plans on how to do that but I may save it for a later post.

I want to continue to read as much as I can and hope to read at least 12 new books this year. I’ll continue to post about each as that makes me read more.

I have a few other goals like diversify my investment portfolio, learn piano, build up my wife’s business, buy a new vehicle and take a vacation!

Twins might flip my life upside down but you don’t finish what you don’t plan.




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