Fancystats. Hockey analytics. Advanced statistics. These are the latest terms for “innovation” when it comes to following and analyzing hockey.

Big news hires like Kyle Dubas and Tyler Dellow provided great storey lines for boring summers and terribly run hockey teams but this is only scratching the surface. Don’t get me wrong, I belong to the group that thought Dubas and Dellow were cool before they were cool (like the Black Keys). These two guys are incredibly intelligent and I truly believe will be GM’s within 10 years. That being said, lets go beyond the simplicity of basic statistics and not pretend teams haven’t been doing these things for a long time now.


  1. the action or process of innovating.
    synonyms: change, alteration, revolution, upheaval, transformation, metamorphosis,breakthrough; More


    Imagine an environment where not only basic events like a shot on goal or zone entries can be measured instantly, but the velocity of a pass made in the neutral zone between teammates or the speed of the defenseman skating backwards defending the play. Imagine knowing instantly how many passes a player made, to who and in what zone in a period, game or career. The true revolution for hockey analytics will happen when technology connects every aspect of the game.

    Players, sticks, skates, pucks and ice will all be connected. Imagine the possibilities.

    Brute force of impact for hits, distance travelled for players, I could go on forever about the possibilities.

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is the interconnection of uniquely identifiable embedded computing devices within the existing Internet infrastructure. Typically, IoT is expected to offer advanced connectivity of devices, systems, and services that goes beyond machine-to-machine communications (M2M) and covers a variety of protocols, domains, and applications.[1] 

    Like the analytics trend going on right now, it’s not just going to be about collecting the data, but understanding what it mean and how to exploit it. The internet of things will impact hockey soon and it’s going to be amazing.

    Within three years, it will begin.

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