It’s always fun making predictions and speculating on what might happen before a season starts. It’s great because you can pretty much say anything and if it comes true, you can brag to the internet later and if your wrong, you can say predictions are for losers. Either way, here are my predictions for my beloved Montreal Canadiens for this upcoming season. I’m predicting I’ll say predictions are for losers by the end of the season.

Can you say dog days of summer!?!


  1. Bergevin will pull the trigger on a significant trade for a defenseman during the first quarter of the season. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was a big name like Yandle or Vlasic.
  2. Nathan Beaulieu will make the biggest jump among the habs prospects. He will be a regular by the end of the season and might even get Calder consideration.
  3. PK Subban will sign an 8 year extension before the Olympics. Probably in the 57M-60M range.
  4. Daniel Briere will explode out of the gate but will end up spending most of the season on the IR. Quelle surprise!
  5. Lars Eller will have a breakout season and will become the number two centre we have all been waiting for. He will also sport a new crazy Euro hairdo by January.
  6. Galchenyuk or Gallagher will have a significant injury which will keep them out “months”.
  7. Carey Price will struggle early and the pitch forks will be out in full force. He will eventually pull it together and finish among the top ten in most statistical categories. Oh ya, and he will be Canada’s starting goalie at the Olympics.
  8. Prust & Parros will bond and become somewhat of a bash brothers duo. Fans will love it and their duo will have some sort of nickname by the end of the year.
  9. The Habs WILL make the playoffs but barely. They will finish 7th but make it to the second round before being eliminated by the Rangers.
  10. The rivalry between the Red Wings and the Habs will not take long to get going and the first game will be a fight fest.

Bonus. The low five WILL make an appearance this season after being banned last year by coach Therrien. Like Spiderman says, everyone gets ONE. Not sure where or why, but it will happen.


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