Montreal Vs New York

Montreal in 6. Price is better than Lundquist now and I think habs can score more.

Boston Vs Ottawa

Boston in 6. I don’t trust Ottawa. Especially is Karlsson is weakened by an injury.

Toronto Vs Washington

Washington in 5. I’ve under estimated the Leafs before but can’t see how this turns in their favor. Washington is stacked.

Pittsburgh Vs Columbus

Columbus in 7. I don’t no why I do it, but again I’m betting against Sid. The Letang injury is so devastating and Bobrovsky has arguably been the best goalie all year.


Edmonton Vs San Jose

San Jose in 6. I’m putting my faith in the old boys to go one last time. Thornton, Marleau and co. must know it’s their last shot. I’m betting on that getting it done.

St. Louis Vs Minnesota

Minnesota in 7. St. Louis has been favoured to move on so many times before but they are a weaker team than years before. Minnesota is deeper in almost every area.

Chicago Vs Nashville

Nashville in 6. I don’t know why but I have a feeling about the Preds. I’m also sick of the Blackhawks. Still can’t let that PK trade go….would love to see him win it all.

Calgary Vs Anaheim

Anaheim in 7. This may be the toughest one to call. Calgary’s goaltending is shaky so I give Anaheim the edge.

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